Taking a poll

OK, I’ve been wondering about this for a few days now.   Since I began writing about the   30 Days of Nothing,  comments on those posts have trickled off to almost nothing.  

Now I almost would think that the fade-away is due to the incredible boringness of my recent topic. (Notable exception: my Day 6  post– apparently snakes and washtubs are worth comments!)

Except.   My stat counter numbers have never been higher, and new people keep subscribing on Bloglines.  I am wondering if the lack of comments is just because there’s only so many ways to respond to the same type of post day after day, and the regular commenters are just getting comment fatigue…maybe?

I do not want to post daily on this if it is just going to bore you to tears.  Here’s the question:   are you really interested in hearing my menus and thoughts on this *every* day?  If so, I can continue.  

Or, maybe I could just give you an update a couple times a week, so that not EVERY post was related to this ’30 days’ thing…

I personally am LOVING the every-day reports from other people who are doing this challenge, but I am well aware some people think this challenge is nuts and aren’t the least interested. And that is fine with me.

 So– vote here, peeps.

’30 days’ reporting every day?

Or twice a week?

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  1. Sorry, can't feel bad for you on the comment thing. I think the most comments I've ever gotten on a post (and I asked adoptive parents to PLEASE leave their suggestions – Ineeded input and ideas) was a whopping 3….anywho. It's nice to read the menues of a large family for those of us who are on the road there. Personally, like you said, just because the folks aren't commenting doesn't mean they aren't checking in!

  2. my vote: report everyday

  3. me too, report everyday.

    esp with the meals….I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to start copying recipes!

  4. I like the every day reports–especially where you fessed up to the movie, that made you real. It's like you said, I just don't have anything new to say. And I'm not the best commenter in general anyway. 🙂

  5. I really like reading about it each day, so that is my vote!

  6. I just subscribed to your blog on bloglines yesterday because I've been enjoying reading about your nothingness. =)

    I just hadn't commented yet.


  7. Keep posting about it, I like it.

  8. comments (or lack thereof) used to bother me to death. But now I have about 50 blogs I visit regularly and sometimes I just don't have time to comment.

    I like hearing about your 30 days. 🙂

  9. I think it is interesting. You throw other little things in there with the menus. I love how you manage your large family. Although, it makes me a bit ashamed because I should be doing better with meal planning etc. with my little family! LOL!

  10. Every day is a different story so post post post!

  11. Hi,

    I am a terrible lurker, I almost never comment as I feel like I have nothing valuable to add.

    However, I am loving this series, so please continue to comment every day! If it were not for having to buy a house in the next month or so as my husband changes jobs and we move I would seriously consider doing it too.


  12. To be perfectly honest with you, I'd vote for twice a week with more posts about other things in between. I admire you for what you're doing but honestly can't relate. I don't have a huge family and the kids I have are on their own now.

    I miss some of the other posts you used to do, especially all the beautiful photos of your kids.

  13. I would liek to vote for twice a week. I find your posts interesting, I do…it's just that there doesn't seem to be anything for me to comment on. My life situation is such that I cannot do it on my own, and i cannot try the recipies, and I can't even go to the store…so although I do read them there jsut isn't anything I can really comment on.

    SO that's jsut me!

  14. The "30 Days" posts are interesting. I realy like the recipes included with the menus. They inspire me more that just a plain menu would. I definitley like the posts with extra, personal detail added in best. You have beautiful, bright kiddos, and it's fun to see and hear what they come up with next. 8^)

  15. First, I'm amazed that you have 14 comments on this post! For some reason, people send me private emails (which I love) on my blog, but they don't comment. it could be because I use blogger.

    Second, I am loving this 30 Day thing, everyday, but then again, I'm biased because I too am posting about this everyday. So take me with a grain of salt.

    Third, I love pictures too!

    Fourth, I think I'm going to make some granola…on October 1 when I can go to the store to buy some oatmeal!


    PS I definitely agree with your comment on my blog- we'd be fast friends in real-life! 🙂 I've thought the same thing myself.

  16. everyday! I like to read but don't comment often. My husband and I have been inspired by this to have our own month of less in October.

  17. I like the everyday posts

  18. I like the updates. I think it's fun to see your family on this journey together. I think it would be fun for you to post some of their reactions to the '30 days'.

  19. I vote for everyday too.
    I don't always comment on blogs I read, and I usually don't get more than 5-6 comments per post ~so to me it's not so bad!

  20. I would vote for everyday. I do enjoy reading your thoughts about the 30 days. Keep it up!

    Christy 🙂

  21. Either one is good for me. I enjoy commenting on the other posts more than the 30 Days posts, but I like reading both.

  22. I am putting my vote in for every day. I like the daily updates and hearing how it is working. I just am usually reading while holding a kid and it's hard to comment.

  23. Well, I'll post my opinion even though it obviously is not the popular one:) I,like a few others, really miss the posts about the kids, the pictures, the memories, etc. Either way, I'll keep reading…which is the important thing, right?

  24. no, no, no…..keep doing it everyday and I promise to respond more…….I've been enjoying reading about this and truthfully- it is making me think about how we spend our money- I've stayed away from my "addiction" Target since the beginning of the month and have even found ways to decrease my grocery bill (does husband away count?!)…….please, keep posting….and I'll respond okay?…..Please?

  25. I like the everyday updates…you are motivating me to put way more thought into lunches for our family (we eat one of like three choices every day-talk about boring!). I like hearing your daily insights and thoughts about "nothing." You've scattered in a few off the topic posts which are fun too

  26. I'm a hard task-master: I vote for the daily reports AND some other posts as well!

    I think the dailiness has a useful purpose to serve – a daiily reminder for those of us who aren't participating to be more mindful of how we spend and consume.

    But since I'm a bit of a newbie around here, I'd enjoy other kinds of posts as well, to get to know you and your family better. (OR – I could get off my butt and fish around in your archives a bit, couldn't I? But that would require effort from me and I prefer to compel YOU to put in the effort. More posts! Twice a day! I command it!)

    Okay, I'm going away now.

  27. Everyday! I enjoy reading them and I am sure it is good accountabilty for you.

  28. I have enjoyed reading your reflections and comments about your '30 days' experience. Honestly, I haven't even been looking at the menus much. I guess that to me, reading a shopping list and menu is not nearly as interesting as a good story. So keep giving us the story of how this experience is affecting you. But the shopping/menu stuff – I can take it or leave it.

    I don't have a strong opinion about the frequency. Either way, I'm going to keep reading! I'm not much of a commenter if I don't feel that I have something to contribute, so I've been pretty silent lately. I'll try to give you a little encouragement every now and then, even when my muse is silent.

  29. I enjoy your 30 days, I have picked up some great tips as well as quick menu ideas. So please don't feel you are boring people.
    Also I love all the detail in your ethiopioan blog. I am in the process at this time and am quite excite.

  30. every day works for me!

  31. You ask for comments, and you get them! lol 🙂 I like the every day, but I also like other topics too… just do it all, Mary! 🙂
    ps–how was calculus?

  32. I say report daily and we are the ones that need to make more comments. 😉

  33. I vote for daily reports! Sorry, I am a terrible lurker, I never comment on any of the blogs I read. Maybe I should start!

  34. Ha! So funny that this brought so many comments! I like hearing about what you are learning during this 30 day challenge. The ups and downs are challenging to me so keep it up!

    I haven't posted any updates on mine yet because not much has changed for me. We are mostly staying out of WallyWorld–which I am completely enjoying–and using what we have. I guess that because I am enjoying it so much, I don't feel like I have much to say about it!?!

  35. I like the recipies and comments….I just don't have anything to add.

    Keep it up, either way.

  36. I say to update everyday – I really enjoy reading your daily blog.

  37. I’ve been enjoying reading your updates, but haven’t had much to say. Mainly I have realized that I already live pretty much at the “buying nothing outside of the absolute necessities” about 95% of the time. What can I say? I’ve realized how far outside the norm I live.

  38. I vote for twice a week because i am missing your other, regular posts…for some reason I’m not drawn to anyones “30 Days of Nothing” posts and I’m not even really reading them. 🙁 But I still come to your site and skim it…. 🙂

  39. I personally love reading these posts. The meals give me great ideas and I enjoy reading how you are making this meaningful for your family. Please keep posting!!

  40. I llke a short daily report, and would say that there are fewer comments because like you said, it would be the same old thing, if it’s just your comments about resisting urges or your meals.

    I would also encourage you to try to blog on other topics in addition to that.

  41. I”m checking in specifically to read your 30 day posts.

  42. Waiting for Iyasu says:

    Hi Mary,

    I do miss your other posts. Like someone else said, my life is already 365 days of nothing (OK, I’m REALLY exaggerating here, I know, but compared to most North Americans, anyway), so it isn’t too enthralling for me. I want to see kids!! How’s the big girl doing at school? Korean cuties?? Your beautiful braided babies?? How is hubby? However, if anyone can make a recipe interesting, it is you! So I keep checking in.

  43. Are you kidding? EVERY DAY! Although you’re making me look bad with my sparse 30 days posting. *wink*

  44. I’m interested in the 30 days things really I am, I mean to do a post about it on my own blog, but I’ll be happy when its over and “regular programming” resumes.

    In any case, I read this blog every day even on the weekends when it is often the only blog I check (weekdays I read dozens including political blogs) but if I only have time for one blog, this one is it. I love hearing about the kids, the garden, adoption, challenges of big family, etc.

  45. I vote for every day. We’re not ready to “take the plunge” into 30 days of no spending, but we’re cutting down. Your blog helps inspire me.

  46. Every day.
    I’m typing with 1 hand (nursing baby) which creates the illusion of silence.
    Really, I’m commenting all the time. You just can’t hear me.