12 days– and counting

Thanks, y’all, for weighing in on my question earlier today.  (And commenting!! I feel so special!)

I am going to continue posting every day on the 30 Days topic.  I’m also going to try to fit in other topics too- in part by rerunning favorite posts out of my early archives that not many people have read yet.

So– day 12.

Funny thing happened today, demonstrating that temptation truly is everywhere.  A guy came to our door, trying to sell me one of those really cool pictures taken from above showing your whole property?  He had it all framed in oak–it was huge–and oh, it was neat. 

If my husband had been home, I am afraid we’d have bought it, $100 price tag notwithstanding.  But as it was, I couldn’t quite justify the money without talking to John first.  And the guy didn’t seem willing to come back. 

Now I’m sitting here wishing I’d bought it– it would have been such a neat Christmas gift for John.  His little ‘kingdom’, y’know? But ah, well.  And truly, it does fall squarely in the category of unneccessary.  (Sigh)

Today’s Menus

Breakfast:  Granola and OJ

Lunch:   Black Bean Salsa, taco chips, and grapes 


Black Bean Salsa

2 cans black beans, drained

2 tomatoes, chopped

2 green peppers, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 onion, chopped

1 cup corn

1/2 cup Italian dressing

Optional: olives, pimentos, canned green chilis.

Mix all ingredients and chill till serving.  Serve with taco chips.  Lasts several days in the fridge. (well, not at our house– at our house it is gobbled in moments.) And unlike me, remember to brush your teeth before going anywhere–raw garlic–yummy but strong!


Dinner: Cheesy Potato-Corn Chowder (scroll down the link for the recipe), biscuits, sliced tomatos, baked apples.


And here, for those of you missing pix of my kids, here is one of my toddler at the fair last month, thoroughly enjoying her very first churro.

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  1. Well today my local Kirby salesman came to my door. I can guarantee that would have been an unnecessary purchase. But I couldn’t help but think about you and your good deal, even so!

  2. My one year old thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photo of your little one. Thanks for sharing!

    The salsa sounds YUM!

  3. Beautiful little girl!

  4. So totally and completely LOVE the photos of your babes!

    Have missed reading you once again…now with school back on it seems regular posting is easier!

    The 30 days of nothing sounds interesting…God has brought many of these considerations and thoughts to me as of late though for totally different reasons.

    Not purchasing anything extra really does begin to put all those “great buys” into perspective…

    If I hadn’t said it before, I’ll say it now…I really really like your new “blog home”!

  5. that black bean salsa recipe looks great……and what a beautiful pic of your little girl……as for the pic of the house…..still time to think of that perfect gift for your husband….hard to believe though- that he won’t be back with the pic- seems like he was just pressuring you…….if he comes back and it is october…then you know you were meant to have it!

  6. If the guy really wants a sale, he will come back, be willing to allow payments, have a decent website for ordering reprints, etc.
    A picture already framed?—yeah, he’ll be back before Christmas.

    Your munchkin is soooo adorable.

  7. My Mom used to sell that crap. He doesn’t want to come back latr because of how far he had to drive to get to your place, he should have left a card with you, and you can call and get it done by calling.

    I used to have to ride all over PA with my mom while I was in high school, every weekend I was stuck in the truck driving all over God’s green earth trying to sell that crap (she still has the sales kit in the attic)

    There are 2 prices, one for a big framed photo, the other for the same photo but they pay a dude to do an oil painting on top of it, he can add the family into the shot, wherever you want them, make it whatever season you want, and touch up the property (make the garden NOT A JUNGLE) It’s more, but when it’s said and done you have a really nice oil painting of your place.

  8. I agree that the salsa looks great. It would be cool to have a picture of your property, but that seems like a lot of money!! My kids and I love doing google earth. I can see the house and the neighbourhood that I grew up at. You may be able to find your place and print it out for cheaper? It is very cool to check out landmarks too, like the eiffel tower and others!!

  9. Love the picture of this cutie pie! Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Awww she’s adorable. And I must say that Granola pic below looks so good that I now have a crazy granola craving!! thanks! lol

  11. That picture sounds awesome! I wonder if he would have sold it to you cheaper out of the frame?

    I love your daughter enjoying her first churro. Those things are tasty! We actually found a mix at Walmart for churros at home. You make them yourself and then roll them in the cinnamon and sugar!