Day 9

Don’t forget the 9-11 Blogging Chicks Carnival coming Sunday


Random Thoughts Today

Bought:  Flour- $12 (hubby bought me 50#!), bringing our total for the month to $249 so far.

We’re running out of pancake syrup.  Thankfully I have a recipe for homemade  Pancake Syrup  that is just as good. (ooh, and here’s one involving apples!) Plus we have jam in the pantry. No need to do without breakfast sugar.  Yet.

I haven’t bought any scouring powder.  Have been substituting with baking soda or laundry detergent.  Works almost as well.

I noticed this morning that my contact solution is getting low.  Thought briefly about wearing my glasses.  Not.  I guess contact solution is on my essentials list. Spoiled me.

This morning I had a headache and went straight for the Advil.  Made me wonder how it would be to live in Ethiopia or some other poor country where Advil is an unaffordable luxury to most. Spoiled me.

This afternoon my hubby and my 8 year olds are off at the home improvement store, buying wood for a tree house.  Hubby has been wanting to build a treehouse with the kids for months, so when a small inheritance came from my grandfather this week, we ear marked a couple hundred dollars towards that project. 

Not exactly in line with 30 days of nothing, but it was unexpected money anyway.  And, oh won’t my little guys have fun building such a cool thing with dad?  Building memories, they are.

One final revelation:  I paid bills and was amazed at how freeing it is to look at a small(ish) balance in the checkbook and think, oh, I wasn’t planning on spending any money anyway.  We’ll be fine.  

Spending less.  Novel concept.  I’m seeing the benefits already.



Breakfast: Waffles and OJ

Lunch: Cheesy Tomato melts, and (you guessed it) cuke salad and apples.  Good thing my family loves cucumbers and apples.

Dinner:  Sweet and sour chicken, peas, rice, apple pie (made 5, froze 4).

Today’s unpurchased book (oh, it sounds like a good one!): Money, Possessions, and Eternity:  Randy Alcorn

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  1. mary, you've been up to some seriously good blogging!! i love the 30 days of less! well, except for the snake…

  2. I had the same thought looking at my checkbook this weekend, also! Isn't it grand?

  3. Thanks for the post.

  4. Randy Alcorn is one of my favourite writers, I can't imagine having to say no to any of his books. All time favourite is "Edge of Eternity" a pilgrim's progree type book about the path to Heaven and all its perils. A family staple. Good on you for the will power (although I hope you considerate in the future 🙂 )

  5. "oops" on the spelling, must be getting late.

  6. Your 30 Days of Nothing journey has been interesting to read.

    I appreciate the menus you post. I had "forgotten" how yummy and inexpensive cooked breakfasts can be.

    I look forward to reading about your family's next activity. I don't have any suggestions, but you sure have a lot to choose from in Saturday's post.

  7. I was just going to recommend to you his book "The Treasure Principle" (or something like that) which I read the other night when I had jet lag (it's short). I think that book is the longer version of it! The Treasure whatever-it-was was really good, I thought! V. convicting.