Homeschool mom moment

Spoken complacently by my 8 year old after he read 5 books in a row to the 4 year old–“I am just so good at reading these books.”

This is the same 8 year old for whom reading last year was utter misery, a chore to be avoided at all costs.   But now– hooray– it has clicked, bigtime.

“You are so awesome!   I am soooooo proud of you!!!” I exult.

He grins and nods like a king accepting his due.  “Thanks, baby.”

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  1. How cute!

  2. Spoken like a true son of the King. Congratulations to him for his wonderful reading skills!

  3. How funny the things that come out of their mouths.
    The other day my 4 yr old said 'thankyou mummy" when I got him chocolate milk, and I said "You're welcome" and he said "NO, say 'you're welcome SWEETHEART'" (which I usually do, but I forgot that time)
    So glad the reading thing clicked!

  4. Waiting for Iyasu says:


    I have never commented before, but of course, I love your blog. Anyway, speaking of reading, I just finished There is no you without me, and you HAVE to buy it and get all your blog readers to read that book. Maybe even tell Oprah for her book club. 🙂 This book could really make a difference in the thinking of lots of people. I can't even express how great it is. It has power!

    Great your little ones are reading to each other. Can't wait till my homeschooling 6 year old will read to the 3 year old!

    Not going to link to my pitiful blog yet, till it merits a visit from you. You are the star of blogdom!!

  5. Thanks for the laugh Mary – I could just see one of my boys saying the same thing!!

  6. Cute story and a great entry.

    I don't think I made the rules super clear. But the entry was supposed to have the "sentence" in your post not in my comments. If you could add the sentence about the contest that would be great. This way your readers will know that this was for the contest.

    Many thanks. Don't worry this doesn't affect your entry.

  7. What a ham! 😉

  8. I'm smiling real big 🙂

  9. Congratulations you won. Check my blog today.

  10. Very cute!!

  11. I have a former reluctant reader and the "light" has finally gone on for her as well. Now, she's devouring everything she can get her hands on. She went to sleep tonight with a stack of library books by her bed, determined to get through them all. Yeah!

    My site is wordpress too. I like the way yours is set up. Great blogsite.

  12. Congratulations, Mary! And during the 30 Days of Nothing, too!
    Ann V.

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