Works For Me

With this big a crew, our house can go ‘clutterbomb’ quick.  I have tried lots of things.  But sometimes the mess can just feel so overwhelming (like my laundry room at the moment) that it can be hard to find the oomph to prevail.

I have read hints over at FlyLady, and though I know it is a lifesaver for many people, a lot of the advice just didn’t feel natural to me. (shoes?? hello!!).  

But I have to admit LOVING one of her tips–the 27 thing fling.   Once or twice a week I go into a cluttery area of my home and do the 27 thing fling.   For those of you who don’t know this tip– it’s simple– pick an area and find 27 things to TOSS!

I have expanded this idea to involve my kids too.  Not only will I do ‘the fling’– I will also send my kids into their rooms to find 27 of their junky things to throw out.

We can get a Hefty full ‘o’ junk in no time flat.  One caveat– you may want to check what the kids are tossing, just in case.  Every once in a while a kid’s idea of trash is mom’s idea of treasure….

 Works for me!!

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  1. Yeah, it really is kind of fun. I need to get my daughter in on it too.

  2. I've done this 27-fling thing, too! (I'm with you on the shoes thing, though, LOL!) It's really a lot of fun and does help get rid of things. In fact, later this week if it isn't too hot up there…I think I'll do it up in my attic.

  3. Oh yes, even tho I can't keep up with Flylady otherwise, I do that and the timer cleaning. Happy Wednesday – our tip is up as well!

  4. When my kids rooms get extra messy I give them a specific amount of time to clean up (say half an hour or so). I remind them that whatever is left on the floor when finished either goes in the garbage or to the thrift shop. Then I come in and get rid all the extras (with their help.) This way, they clean up what is important to them first, and I get to get rid of stuff.

  5. I really need to teach Little Boy this technique. The kid keeps EVERYTHING! I cleaned out his art project/treasure drawer (after he was in bed asleep!) and I found pinecones, rocks, sandwich bags of sand, peices of string, and random scraps of paper. My little pack-rat is a this tosser mom's worst nightmare!

  6. Sounds like a great idea to me too! Thanks for sharing!

    I've posted a WFMW baptism gift tip. Stop by and take a peek. 🙂

  7. I completely agree! I can't quite master the whole Flylady thing, but I LOVE and regularly implement the 27 Thing Fling. And I often exceed 27 things!

  8. I like this–I'm not a saver, I'm a pitcher, so I will have to be careful not to go too hog wild with this!

  9. Great tip, thanks!!

  10. I also think this is one of flylady's best tips.

    And I am SO with you on the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mary, that is a great idea. I never could get into flylady for some reason…

  12. There's a lot about Flylady that I love (my favourite is the Monday morning home blessing), but I'm with you on the shoes. I resisted forever and then when she was sending out daily reminders all month (along with all the testimonial propaganda) I actually went out and bought a designated pair of comfortable shoes. Still not a convert, though – I occasionally put them on when I go walk around the block to bless my heart, but at home it's the Isotoners all the way.

  13. Oh I love the fling! I always feel a bit guilty about how much we actually fling though. Where in the world does all the "stuff" we have come from! I think it breeds in the night. That's about all we can usually do from flylady too. I've tried to do some of the daily missions but there always seems to be more pressing household matters to take care of so cleaning the top of the fridge or washing my hairbrushes seem a bit silly at the time. Maybe when the kids are bigger. Or not. 🙂

  14. This is such an awesome tip and makes cleaning a lot more fun. I'm definitely using this…today!

  15. Great idea! Two questions… Why 27? And what is the "shoe thing"? My curiousity is up!

  16. "I have expanded this idea to involve my kids too."

    I was relieved to discover this didn't meant that you fling your kids. ;^)

  17. I use to subscribe to Flylady, too…but I think I only did the 27 fling once…I really should go for it once every week!
    We are in the midst of organizing and staying that way (or at least giving it a good try!) so thank you for the reminder and the nudge to start this!

  18. I never do the shoe thing either!

    Hey I posted my menu planning…thingy…for lack of a better word, over at my blog. It's exerpted from a lesson I was asked to teach at one of my churches Enrichment Meetings. There's some links at the bottom with some yummy OAMC recipes