End of Day 3

Shopped:  Not a speck.  Our big kids did go to a $2 movie with youth group, but funded it themselves. 

Today’s Menus

Breakfast: Cold cereal ($1/box corn flakes) and bananas

Lunch:  hamburgers, Berbere Home Fries (scroll to bottom of link for recipe), cucumbers, tomatoes, chocolate chip cookies

Dinner:  Leftovers (mac & cheese, beans & rice), and grapes

Book Cravings:  very slightly tempted by  Surrender or Starve: Travels in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, and Eritrea

A moment from my day:

The 4 year old was playing outside, then suddenly ran past me into the house.   A moment later she returned wearing a fresh pair of pants.  Pointing to a puddle in the driveway, she sheepishly confessed, “I had a little ‘accidentally’.”

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  1. Several things. First, very cool story about your van! God does take care of us 🙂
    Second, I watched Beyond Borders today and want to rescue all the children in the world all over again. so excited to go back to Ethiopia, but am now itching for a new adventure. That's your movie, isn't it? or did I buy this one? Is Hotel Rwanda mine? i can't remember.
    Third, your book choices sound amazing. I might have to see what i can do. incredible.
    And I think that's it. your kids are gorgeous, btw. i was admiring them an extra-special bunch in church this AM 🙂

  2. I bought it. i'm such a sucker for books. it's ridiculous. you'll be able to read it–never fear 🙂 Love ya!

  3. Love the "accidentally" story! 🙂

  4. Yummy- I'm going to have to try the berbere homefries. Good things I bought some berbere in August instead of waiting until Sept! A woman from church called me this morning and wants to keep my kids overnight on Friday. I have a night with Avery all to myself and we're doing this 30 Days of Nothing! Ahhhh!!! If you can resist the urge to buy books, then I guess we can entertain ourselves without going out to eat.

  5. I'm a huge fan for books. But my wallet is not. My bestfriend has become the library.

  6. Where do you find all these books? I like your days of nothing…I'm learning about all sorts of new things! I've read Kaplan in the Atlantic and liked him. I love this sort of book. Have you read Bookseller of Kabul or are you only interested in African topics?