Love Thursday

8 years ago in Korea, the day our son was placed in my arms for good.

Hat tip:

Chookooloonks: could you be loved

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  1. That is just the sweetest picture of both of you!

  2. so sweet! Congratulations!!!

  3. You know…he looks exactly the same! Only older now! What a truly sweet picture.



  4. So precious! I can't wait until it's our turn!!

  5. so precious………I can't wait until it's our turn!!

  6. An adorable photo. You look so happy!

    Happy Love Thursday!!

  7. Happy Love Thursday what a great idea I did a picture as well today.

  8. It goes by too fast! When you have a second, take a peek at my post today. As a mother of eight, I'd like your opinion! Amy

  9. Beautiful! Happy Love Thursday!


  10. What a sweet photo!

  11. So precious!

  12. Very beautiful, what a special day!

  13. A day indelibly etching in your memory, a day when your heart grew immeasureably.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. oh what a sweet little face!

  15. oh how I love this picture. thank you so much for sharing it. happy love thursday!

  16. THAT is SO SWEET!!!!!