We are headed off to a baby shower this evening.  I told my four year old that she needed to pick a cute dress to wear, because she’s going to the shower with me.  

Her eyes widened in alarm.  “A n*ked shower??”

“Huh?”  I was clueless.

She tried again.  “Is it a n*ked shower or do we get to wear clothes?”

I decided now was a dandy moment to teach her there’s a difference between a shower and a ‘shower’.  And she was greatly relieved to hear she would not be attending this particular shower in the buff.

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  1. My daughter was all nervous when she was about 4 too because she didnt want a lot of people coming to our house to shower. I had to explain we were haivng a shower for my cousin but it wasnt that kind of shower

  2. the english language is so confusing! why are they both called showers, anyway?

  3. This reminds me of that Amelia Bedelia story where Amelia helps throw a baby shower and thinks that means throwing the baby in a shower:) I love how literal kids are!

  4. Ahhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaaa! What a cutie!! Just love that girl! Yes I do!!

  5. That is so sweet! And I totally understand her confusion, too!

  6. Oh, how cute! And the idea of showering with one's clothes on, as she imagined, has me grinning, too. I had to explain baby showers to my son in April, when I attended a shower for a friend. It's so funny and valuable to look at things the way little kids do.

  7. LOL, I love it when they come up with questions like that. And I suddenly have to realize that yes, we grownups often do make things confusing.


  8. Hahahahaha, that's what I love about kids. They can be so innocent when asking a really honest-to-goodness questions. I experience that a lot when I was still working with WorknPlay http://www.worknplay.co.kr in Korea. Kids always ask questions which could curl up your hair. But then they're only asking that because they're curious to know, and we seem to add a certain discretion on what to share with them.