Golden Moments This Weekend

– Going for a walk with my oldest, who was home for the weekend.

-My 4 year old coming in smiling from playing and saying: “My heart is sunny, sunny, sunny!”

-Playing Phase 10 Sunday evening with hubby and most of my kids.

-Saying ‘sweet baby!” to my 21 month old, and having her say back, “Sweet mommy!”

There are lots more moments I could share, I’m sure. But now I am tired (we went wood-hauling today, pix coming.)  I’m off to bed….  

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  1. Multi-taskingmom says:

    I love those golden moments:

    Some of mine are:

    When my 6 year old daughter runs up to me and says mom, I need to tell you something – to which I respond…what honey. She says, I love you and runs on her way.


    When my 5 year old son says, as we are rocking just before bed, hasn't it been a great day mom! When nothing really out of the ordinary has happened. Or when he sings "Sweet little mommy" to the Miffy tune.


    When my 8 year old daughter comes up to me out of the blue and gives me a big hug and says I love you, you're the best mom!


    The time I walked by the bathroom and my then 4 year old (now 6 year old) daughter was sitting on the grown up potty, legs swinging and singing at the top of her lungs – "I'm Madaline, I'm Madaline" from the show.


    When I mentioned to my hubby that I really liked the sound of the neighbors wind chimes and that might be a good Christmas idea (since me coming up with ideas on what I want for Christmas is quite difficult). Then when I came home from a meeting at church a few days later and my 6 year old daughter who has the hardest time keeping secrets is just about busting wide open because she knows something I don't. And then the next morning I opened the curtains and there shining in the sun was a beautiful set of wind chimes.

    or just a million other things – I could go on and on, but everyone will be up soon so I have to run.

  2. Yes, those are golden. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love golden moments! It's the out-of-the-blue "Love you Mom" that get's me. I don't know how much longer my 7-year-old will give me those unsolicited gems, but I'll savor them while I can…

    Pass the Torch