Today started early. Up at 6:30, so I could get my 16 year old to the DMV for her learner’s permit, then to the school district to sign up for driver’s ed. 

Next came orthodontist appointments for my 12 and 14 year olds.  The 14 year old needs $400 worth of retainers to fix the little deviation caused by wiring his broken jaw for 6 weeks, and the 12 year old needs NOTHING!  (big hooray!)

Then came a trip to the tire store to pick up a tire for the utility trailer to replace the one that blew last week while I was hauling 2 tons of hay back to our house.

  Next, with the help of my big kids, I need to go out to the garden and pick the last of the corn, and get it blanched, chopped, and frozen– probably at least 100 or so ears to deal with….

 But, really, all day, in all the busyness, my mind has been with my oldest daughter.  Today is her first day of class, you see.   She has a full day— five classes– and I am so eager to get an email from her hearing how it all went.  

I want to know if her mattress felt any better with the ‘egg crate’ we bought, if she got up on time, if her bike worked OK on campus, how her professors seemed…and on and on.

I may or may not actually end up learning every detail–that’s OK.   I don’t want to subject my daughter to an outright interrogation.  But she has had my heart all day, and I am longing to hear from her.  

At lunch when I realized I only had to cut 9 pieces of cake, I had a twinge of emptiness.  While freezing corn this afternoon, I’ll miss her cheery presence even more than her able hands.  We feel her absence. 

And this is just the beginning. As I was at the DMV this morning, getting my excited 16 year old all set to begin driving, I was sharply aware that she is next.  Two years fly fast.

While at the orthodontist this morning, however, my one year old got up on the exam chair, imitating her brothers, and we all laughed.   Seeing her 26 pound self in that huge chair made it obvious that she had a good long while to go before she would be big enough to be in that chair for real.  

 I am so blessed to be a mother of many. 

*Updated to add:   It’s nearly 7 pm, and I am trying to hold off calling my daughter…silly me! Hope she calls soon.

And as far as the corn—well, here’s the picture of what we picked just this afternoon alone.  Over 300 ears of corn, if you can believe it– that makes over 700 ears this year. Plus a bushel and a half of tomatoes, and cabbage, cukes, peppers, zuchini, grapes, and a few kinda green apples…  we got the corn in the freezer this afternoon, and will doubtless be canning a fair bit of the day tomorrow.

(Ring, phone, ring…)

**Updated again at 7:30– she emailed.  She had a good day.  She was bright and chipper and doing well.  She said though sometimes it feels a little strange, mostly she feels like she fits in and belongs. 

 Oh, and the egg crate?  It makes her bed feel just like home.

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  1. Gosh, that must have felt like the longest day waiting to hear from her. I'm glad she fits right in. I'm sure it will all be just fine. Sounds like your whole day was a bit busy. And that is a lot of corn. I so envy your garden.

  2. Mary, I just love you. Your blog always speaks to my heart. Thanks for another wonderful post.

  3. I'm so glad she's doing well. Reading this has me thinking about MY daughter–who is currently 2 and a half years old. 🙂 Silly, I know, but this letting go business already has me worried!!! (Though I DO look forward to the day when she doesn't make as big a mess at mealtime! 🙂 )

  4. *hug* Meal times were the worst for me too. Put back that extra plate *sniff*. I'm glad she had a great first day.

  5. What a blessing that she feels like she belongs and fits in! It's never easy staying in a place where you feel like you don't belong.

    I must echo the above comment, Mary. Your posts always give a lift to my day.

  6. From the way you describe your oldest daughter, you really have raised her right! I just get the feeling that she is a sweetie.
    It does sound like you are so blessed with all of your children.

    Wow- look at your harvest! I so have a purple thumb it isn't even funny! Last year our corn crop turned out horrible – this year our zuchinnis didn't even come up! So we had some peas…and now there's a bunch of green tomatoes that we're waiting on. It's a tiny little garden but we've had the worst luck!

    Anyway, glad she finally e-mailed and all is well with her! 🙂

  7. So glad she had the egg crate to remind her of home. Good job Mom. 8^)

  8. Minus the produce and freezing, my day went much like yours regarding the college girl. I am blessed in that mine was waiting for me when I got home from a church meeting tonight, though. Her day didn't go as well as your daughter's, and she was discouraged and disappointed. I'm hoping and praying things will improve, it WAS just the first day, after all.

    I'm glad your daughter had a good first day, Mary. She'll do fine, and she'll make you proud(er). 🙂

  9. Oh, Mary, you're gonna make me (and my co-worker who is reading over my shoulder) start crying! I'm so glad that her first day was good. Hugs to you 🙂 Sophie

  10. yeah for a good first day!

    Wow, that's a lot of corn.

  11. Your post was so sad and so funny all at once! If your daughter reads your blog, she probably was thinking, "Gee Mom, get a grip!" Only a mom could understand the feeling of sending your baby out into the world. And all that corn! What ambition!

  12. Precious post!!! : ) You make that all seem way too soon, Mary….and very real! I was thankful for the little part you added in about your 1 yr old! ; ) That gave me some peace that we've got some time : ) I was actually just thinking of your daughter today and wondering how it was going for her….so glad to hear that she is chipper and doing well : )

  13. I'm so glad your daughter callled. You blog just warms my heart! Look at all that CORN! WOW!

  14. You have to excuse me I'm a city girl and i just cant believe you can actually grow all of that stuff yourself. That is soo awesome!

  15. I thought of this post, Mary, as I wrote my blog today (Friday).

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  16. I thought of you, Mary, this post in particular, when I wrote my blog today. http://kellycurtis.blogspot.com/2006/08/wish-for-