Fall Style

Was flipping through Oprah yesterday, and spotted an article promising tips to refresh your wardrobe for fall on 3 different budget levels.   Cool, I thought, style on a budget.

Woman #1 had a budget of $350.   I skimmed through her wardrobe suggestions and decided I needed something a little less spendy.

Flipped the page, hoping the tips offered lady #2 would suit me a little better.   Hello!?!   Her budget was two THOUSAND bucks.   For fall.  I don’t spend that on clothes in an entire year for the ten of us. Jaw slack, I shook my head over $78 scarves and $395 boots. This had to be the ‘dream’ budget. 

 Hoping the final featured budget would show something of some use to me, I flipped the page once more.

Um.  No.  This poor deprived creature had a budget (I use the term ‘budget’ ever-so-loosely) of FIVE -freakin-THOUSAND dollars.  Her selections included a $998 shearling vest, and a $782 silk blouse.

Apparently I should be giving Oprah lessons on budget clothes shopping.  My fall collection will probably be had for a hundred bucks or so. 

Unless I succumb to the very evil temptation set out by HolyMama and buy myself a pair of fanny-flattering David Kahn jeans.  Yesterday they looked waaaay expensive, but today, thanks to Opray, they look like a bargain!

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  1. Um, you know O Magazine never gears anything toward women on a true budget, right? Never ever. It's totally ridiculous! I enjoy some of the regular columns in the magazine, but I skip right over all the product-related stuff because it's way too expensive for most moms I know (including myself). Try Redbook or something instead. Much more budget-friendly.

  2. oh my gosh i know EXACTLY what you're talking about. lol. i'm think ing i've started at the higher end of the 'budget' spectrum. and then i'm like, holy COW! who has this kind of money? i mean, oprah, obviously, but anyone else? i don't think so!

  3. Seriously, $5000 for a fall wardrobe is not a budget. I don't think I would even spend that much money on a fall wardrobe if I won the lottery (which I won't because I don't play!). Ridiculous! Yeah, HolyMama's jeans aren't looking so pricey after all!

  4. a $998 VEST? oh please. (i bet it's $200 on ebay!)

  5. You may have heard of shaggy-chic? Well, I look for shaggy-cheap. The last thing I bought for myself was drawers, and then only because I didn't have any that weren't religious…You know…..HOLY. 😉

  6. Your post is hilarious….but the reality of a wardrobe "budget" like that is SO sad!!!! The reality of how desperate so many are to find joy……and they are looking to find joy in their FALL wardrobe….which after the first wear will lose it's "newness" and lose a little bit of the fleeting joy it initially brought with EACH wear….till there's no joy at all…..once again! It's things like this that revive my thankfulness and joy in the salvation of the LORD – eternal, everlasting JOY!!!!!!

  7. I think Oprah is on crack sometimes. She is really out of touch with normality. I have a friend who shops for fun and I get lots of her castaways. This morning I wore a pair of discarded Born clogs. I googled them and found they were probably over $100 new. Insane to me.

  8. Ok. Not to be all free love, but for someone who promotes helping others, Oprah could best start by encouraging people to spend less on themselves and more on others. Geez. Scratch a 5000 fall budget and think about the good it would do the world.
    She does a special on the needs of orphans in Africa but promotes clothes that cost $$$. I don't get it.
    What really blows my mind is when they do features on purses. People will spend hundreds on a purse! I'm not trying to put down, thumb my nose, etc, but when people are hungry, need homes, etc I can think of so many other ways to spend the money.
    Ahhh. I can jump off my soap box now.

  9. I think my summer wardrobe came to about $65 and so far my fall wardrobe budget is looking like $0. Honestly, I don't even know what I'd do with $350 worth of clothes per season…..I don't need that many things.

  10. Um. Oprah and I? We don't shop in the same stores.

  11. Reminds me of an article the Wall Street Journal did (no, I am not that nerdy….sometimes the articles are really interesting!) one year on "amazing Christmas gifts", like that one of a kind car for 3.5 million, or a ring for her for 1.5 mil or that vacation house on your own island 375 mil……..one guy wrote in and sarcastically thanked the journal for making him feel so good about his $10/hour job he was slaving away at, trying to make ends meet for himself and his kid.

    Out of touch with reality indeed.

  12. You probably don't want to hear from me on this subject. I have am struck by 2 things. Frist, we are all rich compared to masses of people in other cultures. "Normal" is completley relative. Should we all cut way back to BARE necessities and send a lot more money for those who have less than us. Think one set of clothing. One pair of shoes, very worn down. Absolutely no treats, convenience, or "fun" money. Otherwise we are selfish, right? Which leads me to my second thought. We need to be very careful that our attitudes are free of jealousy and self-righteousness because we think we suffer more than a certain economic class. Wealth is not inherently evil or selfish. Tight budgets don't make you more noble. Don't assume you know what everyone should do and does with their own money. Not to mention that the spending of it does stimulate our whole economy, without which it is hard for anyone to have money to help the truly needy. We all need to be cautious of reactions to others that affect our hearts and inhibit us from having God's love for them. I used to have that problem with women that I thought were prettier than me. Its rather easy to be perturbed at some else's advantages. "Why not me?", we ask. Or more subtly, "they shouldn't have so much." Just some things to think about.

  13. Multi-taskingmom says:

    My whole wardrobe this year so far has involved new sandles. I think I will buy a new pair of boots for winter. I got "drawers" for christmas from my mother last year as mine were like Diane J.'s – a little too religeous. Oh and I did buy some much needed new upper under garmets this summer too. What a spend thrift.


  1. […] I blogged recently, amazed that Oprah magazine talked about spending $5000 on a fall wardrobe. But guess what? The other day I wandered into Gymboree  ‘just for fun’ (yeah, right..) and left $80 poorer.  If you compare my income to Oprah’s, guess what? Proportionally I probably splurged bigger than she did. […]