The Fair!

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This morning I loaded up two drawings, 4 batches of cookies, a pint of apricot jam, a dozen matted photographs, and a passel of children, and off we went to submit our goodies at the fair.

Exhibiting at the fair is a yearly tradition for our family.  We don’t do things like animals that take record books and year-long maintainance.  Pretty much we stick with crafts, pictures, baking and canning. 

Over the years we have gotten an assortment of ribbons in all colors.  but aside from the ribbons, we’ve discovered the joy of participation.  Here are some of the photos we submitted this year.

My 18 year old took the one on the top right.  Click on it if you can’t tell what it is. She found it on a riverbank where we go camping.

The one on the center left was taken by my 16 year old in a tide pool at the beach this summer.

The sunset was taken by my husband last spring. My 8 year old took the one of the horse, and the rest are mine.

It will be fun to see if we get any ribbons this year!

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  1. I'm so glad you submitted the pic of your daughter looking through the telescope at the beach! I meant to comment on it the other day. I love it!!

  2. Very cool! I have such fond memories of the animals I used to take to the mid state fair growing up and then all through high school.

  3. Very cool photos. I remember submitting all kinds of stuff to the fair when I was a kid.

    I figured out the rusty subject on the upper right. Very interesting!

  4. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Those are very cool photos!! I love the sillohette (sp?) pic! I thought it was great when you had in on here a few posts ago too!!

  6. They're all beautiful photos. You'll have to let us know the results.

  7. THose are all great photos.

  8. Great photos! Can't wait to see who wins something. My favorite is the silhouette, too. You have quite the talent and looks like you're passing it on to the next generation as well.

  9. They are gorgeous photos. Good luck!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Like you, I regularly enter pictures into our state fair. I missed my oppotunity this year but am looking forward to hearing how others place! Your pictures are magnificent and I can't wait to hear how many ribbons you've won! The telescope shot has to be BEST IN SHOW!! Blessings to you.

  11. Somebody lost their nailclippers… I love taking pictures. I used to enter contests all the time when I was in High School. It's great to get the kids involved, beautiful artwork.

  12. Beautiful pictures! Good luck at the fair. The red flowers are my favorite.


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