Never underestimate

..the ability of kids to shock and surprise.  

Today after a dentist appointment for my 12 and 14 year old sons  (no cavities– hooray!), they informed me that at some point in their past, while flossing, they used to deliberately SWALLOW the floss, half way, then pull it out just to enjoy the odd sensation.

At which point I nearly hurled.

I guess if they ever need an endoscopy, they’re all desensitized.

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  1. Uh…, that is well, shocking and surprising! :O I bet you're still recovering over that bit of info!

  2. I just went to the dentist and had no cavities either!! Yeah!

  3. Oh, that sounds gross! Kids are so crazy sometimes! You just have to wonder what spurs them on to do things!?! 😉

  4. Whoah. That would shock me, too. Of course, my son swallowed a lollipop stick a few months ago, so I may be extra sensitive about this sort of thing.

  5. Little Man told us on Sunday he was dared by some boys to eat string. So he did. Now I'm all worried about it passing properly. I told him to watch his poop for the next couple days to make sure it goes through!! YUCK!

  6. …and then I nearly hurled as well. Oh our kids never fail to amaze.

    Thanks for sharing?

  7. That is so bizarre!!! Boys will be boys eh?!

  8. Eeeew. Now I feel all gaggy.

  9. Not that I am sorry that you shared though. It is a great story.

  10. We used to do that with cooked spaghetti noodles! My friends did it all the time to gross our parents out. Yes, girls can be gross too!

  11. hahaha to flipflopmamma too. What a hoot. I have all sorts of fun images as I go to bed;)

    THis is a very funny conversation.

  12. Gross!

  13. My siblings and I did it with Top Ramen noodles. I think one of our babysitters taught us that trick…

  14. LOL…that's hilarious!!!

  15. Ugh, that's gross! When we forget to cut spaghetti noodles short enough my son sucks it in and that has happened by accident a few times, so appetizing!

  16. want me to come over and show them how to nail a 10 peny nail into their heads? Or how to take a necklace snort it up your nose and pull it out your mouth?????

    Yes, I can do carni freak show stuff, I can do the human block head tricks…… I can teach your boys too……

  17. That's really gross!

  18. GROSS! just imagining that triggers my barf reflex. lol.

  19. at least they're flossing, though, right?

  20. Fully gross, and hilarious, and so utterly believable.

  21. Reading this, I find myself swallowing funny.

  22. OH MY WORD. And yet, I sort of want to try it…

  23. oh GAG! (literally)

  24. What is up with THAT??? Gross!!

  25. Oh my WORD! That almost made me GAG….just reading it!!

    WOOHOO – no cavities! : )

  26. Very possibly there should be a rule that boys don't tell much of what they do until they are about 25. Even now, with my son at 23, when he shares some of the stories I'm horrified. What he ate, what he did, what he didn't do. Ignorance truly can be bliss.

  27. Well, I laughed so loud that my husband came to read over my shoulder. Then he said–yeah, my brother and I did that, too.