Trip pictures

Now that I’m done whining about the tribulations of camping, I thought I should share the good stuff.  So, pictures!

Checkin out the view

with my baby


ready to roll

sand castles

with the whole crew

And yes, despite the hassles of camping, we had a wonderful time and made lots of precious memories.

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  1. those are great pictures. I love the last one of you and your kids.

  2. You look so young, you blend right in with the kids!! I had to blow up the pic to find you!! Too funny. Seriously, I thought they were all kids, but then I counted 9 and realized you had to be in there with them! LOL. Great pic!! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Those are great pics and I agreed you just looked like one of the kids in that pic had to look close!

  4. too cute- what a beautiful family.

  5. What great memories y'all made!! And that last picture is a keeper. Too bad Dad had to take the pic and couldn't be in the photo, too. 🙂

  6. The picture in the mirror is really cool; shows nice perspective!

    The sand castle is great! Somebody has Architect as a possible vocation.

    Sometimes the known pain is worth the future pleasure.
    I'm sure 10 people camping would qualify.

  7. What BEAUTIFUL and fun photos! I particularly love the one of you with all of your kids. You look way too good to be the mother of eight! 😉

  8. Thanks for sharing pictures! I love the boys playing with the travel checkers, and you and your little one smiling together!

  9. These are great pictures. You have a beautiful family! You all look so happy!

  10. What cool pictures! I like the last one with everybody and the one in the truck mirror.

  11. Fabulous picture of you and the baby in the rear-view mirror!