Why I’m a Weenie

The thing about camping, I’ve decided, is that the best of times happen shoulder to shoulder with the frustrating ones, like red and black cards in a deck, and it is anyone’s guess which you’ll encounter in the next second.

Will it be that moment in the sun where you’re blissfully paging through Oprah while kids happily build sandcastles at your feet?  Or will the 4 year old be crying and clutching herself because she has to go potty and not only are there NO bushes on the beach, the outhouse is a quarter mile down the beach– you passed it a scant 5 minutes ago on your trek through the sand to this ‘perfect’ site.

Will you snap the perfect shot of the baby eating her first smore?   Or will she drop her treat on the ground just as you lift the camera, then throw a snotty thrashing mega-tantrum when you toss the pine-needle-encrusted mess to the dog?

Will you actually sleep in your cozy travel trailer?   Or will you spend the first hour of the night hissing at your 8 year olds to STOP wrestling and just go the heck to sleep, and the rest of the night wrestling your hubby for a share of the double mattress  because you’re both used to a king?

Will your kids play happily with the new toys you allow them to purchase at the gift shop?   Or will one kid somehow drop his brand new yo yo down a crack in the closet, and another kid, trying to illuminate the problem, drop his brand new flashlight down that self same crack, leaving them both in tears? (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

I know I shouldn’t whine. We are so lucky to HAVE a trailer, and to get vacation time.  And, always, of course, I am grateful for my precious family, and the chance to spend time with them.   

I should just  surrender my stupid hope for an actual mom-vacation.  It just doesn’t happen while camping– I should know that by now.  

You know that post earlier today where I was just settling in for some chocolate and a book?   Not 3 minutes later the baby woke up and took 10 minutes to settle back down.   By the time she fell back to sleep, my bike riders had returned.

Camping vacations just tease you.

That is why this morning I booked our next year’s vacation.   At a beach house.  4 bedrooms, 2 baths, ocean view, hot tub. Cost be hanged. 

Thank heavens my hubby doesn’t go back to work till Tuesday.   I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

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  1. Vacations are always hardest on the moms. The beach house does sound lovely, though.

  2. Vacation? That's a foreign term, ain't it? LOL 😉

    You work so hard "relaxing" and cramming so many activities into your time that it becomes work instead of leisure. Hope you find some time to rest, Mary. 🙂

  3. The 'hypothetica'l moments you have described are exactly why my husband and I get away at least once a year – by ourselves. Of course, we have willing (read: aggressively bribed ) grandparents within two miles of our home willing to care for our daughters while we travel and try to remember what life was like when it was simply the two of us. Of course, we have only three daughters at this moment, who consider it a 'vacation' to stay with grandparents for a week.
    What a blessing to know that I am not the only mother who hisses at her children to settle down and (finally) go to sleep. What a blessing to know that you DO miss having time to read a magazine in its entirety. A special blessing to know that with several more children than I have, you still cherish every moment! Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement, Mary!

  4. Snotty thrashing mega-tantrum. That's graphic. And I bet very accurate.

  5. Oh! and one advantage of owning a trailer would be that you could, say, bring it to Texas for a trip? Hypothetically?

  6. Ahhh–camping. Mom works like a dog–but the kid's will carry the memories with them forever. I'm all for the beach next year!!

  7. vacation is an oxymoron.

    So much for relaxing a bit, uh?

    Wanna go to the beach with us? I heard one crying constantly, one only wanting to be in the pool, one wanting the sand off of them immediately, one not wanting to sleep next to another, the other getting upset and goes off to find comfort in another sister only to be thwarted there as well, which makes for the other to start crying, hearing "she's splashing me over and over again, sand in eyes and mouth, sunscreen in eyes and mouth, chlorine in eyes and mouth.. heard enough? LOL!!

  8. I would kill for your trailer……

    You see around here vacationing consist of calling freinds in touristy areas, like the beach, seeing if they have a place for us to crash (basement floor) and then heading in that direction with our tents. Then finding camping spots and setting up the tents and then finding food.

    You see we do this in our Toyota Echo and we don't have enough room in our compact car for US much less anything else. But it's the only car we have so it does us well.

    The last crazy trip we did was several years ago, but we went to Buffalo, NY for my brother in laws wedding, then to Toronto for 2 days, then Detroit for 2.5 days, then Columbus for a couple days, then back to the south. It was a 10 day trip, we never paid for a place to stay, we always stayed with freinds, but our car was teh last thing we wanted to see for some time after that.

    We came close to buying a camper a few years ago. We decided to adopt instead. I still think we came out ahead.

  9. I am truely amazed at you sometimes. You give me strength to deal with my ONE child. I think to myself, sheesh get over yourself it's ONE CHILD!! =o)

  10. You'll LOVE having a beach house! Doors to close. Insulated walls. Good stuff!

  11. We went camping for the long weekend and are getting ready to hit the campground again in a couple weeks for a longer visit. I agree – no rest for the mom! But in a trailer is much easier than a tent or even a pop-up trailer and I only have 4 kids with us. My youngest will be 1 soon and walking in the dirt and ashes is fun… I didn't even bother bringing a magazine this time around, I've learned the hard way. One day soon I dream of a rest-filled vacation!!

  12. When we went on vacation this year (with my entire family – which can make things even less relaxing) the baby was 2 months old and my oldest was not quite 2 1/2. Before we left, I relinquished my wonderful idea of having a peaceful relaxing family vacation. Which is why I'm terribly excited that my husband and I are going away for 2 days for our anniversary — ALONE!!!! Woo – Hoo!

  13. OH! I have managed to never go camping in my whole adult life – because I went camping a lot as a kid and HATED it – so this summer, my husband was like, let's take the kids' camping! And I'm trying to be a good sport about his freakish decision to have us all killed by a bear in the woods, so I say sure. And what did I find on my person as soon as I get home? A TICK. I don't live in tick country! But there it was. And then I had a reaction to the stupid infected tick. I WILL NEVER GO CAMPING AGAIN.

  14. Why is it every year we dream of a luxury camping trip… only to remind ourselves on the way home how much work it really is?! 🙂 Guess there's just something about "getting away" from the everyday… regardless of where it is or what it may bring.

    Get a Mommy Vacation once you get home!! Even a few minutes away to the store or something!! 🙂

  15. Vacation to my husband and kids= camping in our glorious pop-up innature somewhere. Where *I* end up yelling not to go to far, watch your brother, don't touch that, and no you can't have another bag of cheetos. It means cramming a life into a pop-up that they're used to. It means having to walk down a dirt path to a bathroom that hopefully flushes.

    For ME, vacation means sleeping very late. Not having to explain why I want to take a nap. Eating whatever and whenever I want, as long as someone else cooks it and cleans it.

    and never the two shall meet…..

    That being said, I do enjoy vacationing with my hubby and kids. It's just my life, in a smaller, portable space. But it's NOT a vacation for me.

    and by the way, I am with ya on the cabin idea…I am more of a mountain girl myself…


  16. Vacations are no vacation for mommies. I've decided that we are not taking another vacation until my girls over 18…and by that point they better be off in college (on scholarships), so Daddy and I can kick back and relax. Not really!! I know what you mean about enjoying your family and vacation, but I need about a week to recover when I get home and that just doesn't happen in the real world!

  17. That's one big closet crack.

    If I ask Hubby one more time for a travel trailer, I will officially be branded a nag.

    My best memories from childhood surround our travel trailer.

  18. Aww, the memories. The reasons why I am 100% glad I sold our travel trailer this summer. Thanks for the reminder.


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