Camping moment

I stand at the trailer door, waving off my family, who are finally biking away after spending the last 10 minutes locating helmets and jackets and shoes.  Once they shove off, a blissful silence descends. 

I turn and peek into the bedroom at my sleeping one year old, my excuse for bowing out of the bike ride.   Then I grab a book and a water bottle and half a hidden Hershey bar and go outside to sit in a canvas chair in the sun.  

The silence is punctuated by the occasional diesel hum of a passing RV or the low talk of couples walking their dogs.   I sigh in conentment and sit deep.  With any luck, no one will need a thing from me for at least half an hour. 

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  1. "away after spending the last 10 minutes locating helmets and jackets and shoes"

    I'm LOL at your comment. It does seem to take forever.

    Enjoy your peace…and the hershey bar.

  2. btw…I love your new site!

  3. I'm back to typepad.. .

  4. Did I miss the rapture?! That sounds like heaven!!

  5. Sheesh, I have two kids and it takes that long to find helmets. Your family's a well-oiled machine.

    Hope you have many more moments like that before summer's gone!

  6. ahhhhh! Sounds wonderful!

  7. You guys are just so cute!!!

  8. Camping can be a lot of work. Glad you got a half an hour of rest.

  9. Mary – I'm looking for the post where your readers shared their best kids books? I can't find it and would like to link to it. Could you help me?


  10. You deserve that break…sounds blissful!

    You might remember my staying home when my husband and kids went camping a couple weeks ago…such quiet! And I only have two kids!
    Great picture! 🙂

  11. They are all smiling at the same time, even the little ones! Great picture!

  12. you guys look like you are having a GREAT time. hopefully that's the case. 🙂

  13. what a GREAT picture! hope you got every bit of that half hour, and then some!

  14. Very nice…some well deserved quiet time!! I love that time!

  15. You deserve that time girl!

  16. This is just precious! I cherish moments like this too!

  17. ahhhhh…eating it up with you! Sounds quite peaceful!