I’m a noodle.

You’ve been reading autoposting from me lately because we’ve been on vacation.  We are scheduled to get back today, so I think my hubby will forgive me if I let that little secret out of the bag.   He doesn’t like the idea of me announcing to the whole of blogdom when we will be gone– thus the zipped lips.

At the moment I am writing this, it is actually nearly midnight on July 28th, and I have spent the entire day running around packing like we are driving to Antarctica instead of our actual destination:  a seaside town where we will be a mere 15 minutes from Walmart.

So just in case you ever wondered what’s involved in packing a big family up to go camping, here is a partial list of what we stuffed into our travel trailer today.

–1 screen tent

–8 lawn chairs

–11 sleeping bags (1 extra is wise, I’ve found)

–25 pairs of shoes

–12 jackets

–30 pairs of shorts

–52 pairs of jeans

–9 bikes

–1 bike trailer

— 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies

–3 dozen cheese sticks

–1 bin of sand toys


–8 videos (for car time only)

–12 towels

–1 Costco pack of ‘silverware’

–1 beach umbrella

–3 bags of chips

–4 Hershey bars, well hidden  (mine, all MINE!)

–80 pairs of socks

–25 cups of pancake mix

–5 lbs of sausage

–huge can of chili

–6 cans beef stew

–various junky easy things to eat that I rarely buy

–6 books & 2 Oprah magazines (a trifle optimistic given the fact that I will probably be spending my beach time scanning the horizon counting to 8 over and over, and hollering to kids not to wade so deep.)

— 200 paper plates

–1 camcorder

–2 cameras

–1 really cool tooth brush rack


There’s a ton more, but I am beat and we head out early tomorrow.   Hubby says we’ll be lucky to get out of the driveway.  I’ll tell ya all about it soon.

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  1. Things seemed a little "off" around here. And now I know why! LOL. Hope your vacation was a good one, can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Sounds like alot of packing!! Have a great vacation! 🙂

  3. oh my goodness. we love camping but that makes me tired….

  4. Have a peachy vacation. Good luck!

  5. Just seeing the list would make me want to stay home. You are amazing!

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