Things I wonder

Is it really possible for a kid to reach the ripe old age of 14 and still not know the difference between a sheet and a blanket??

Or for an 8 year old to really think that the proper way to dispose of an empty toilet paper roll is to toss it in the hall?

I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but it just seems too clueless to be true.  Please tell me my kids are not the only ones…  What do your kids do that make you dispair of ever civilizing them?

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  1. My son will sit within inches of a tissue box and slyly wipe boogers on the couch. I've told him a million times to use a tissue, and have handed him tissues on occasion, but he refuses to use them. Baffling.

  2. All my kids much prefer picking up a loaded pancake and eating it pizza-style. Syrup, butter, goo dripping off onto hands and table. "Knife and fork! Knife and fork!" I shout.

    Suddenly, breakfast loses all its charm and fun when forced to use the proper utensils (or so I am told).

  3. After eating a fruit snack, littering the wrapper on the floor or stuffing it under the couch. Or, after eating a bowl of popcorn, throwing the plastic bowl on the floor (this happened last night, I was astounded).

  4. My kids are long gone, but my husband doesn't seem to know where the sink is when he is done eating.
    I'll try a gentle reminder, in just the way I said it to the 2 year olds when I worked daycare "Please clear your place at the table" but it seems to be beyond his comprehension.

    And with only the two of us sitting in the breakfast nook at home, one would think his hands become automatic at gathering.
    I've watched him carry wrappers to the trash can at McDs, so he does know the drill.

    His mother and sister tell me that his dad behaved this way as well.
    Yet, my guy doesn't mind at all to load the dishwasher. But someone else has to bring the dishes to the sink and nearby countertop.

  5. well, we went through this phase with my 9 year old where she stopped flushing the toilet!!! I drove us insane. I posted about it, to get some advice. She started flushing again shortly after the post, I think it embarrassed her…at least we're not finding any "surprises" anymore!!!

  6. My son will stand inches from the hamper and still throw his dirty laundry on the floor.

    My daughter . . . almost too many to mention. From licking the food counter at restaurants to lying on the floor in a dress with her ankles over her head at my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner, she's got so many little quirks that I despair of ever making a lady out of her. I'll settle for just getting her to adulthood in one piece.

  7. Kids who eat part of an apple (or other piece of fruit) and leave the core/peel/pit on the floor/in the couch cushions.

    Kids who cannot remember to not hit/slap/pinch/poke/pull/push one another even though they have been told so many times that it is ridiculous.

    Kids who think that it is unjust to have to clean up the same area that they cleaned yesterday or the day before. (I have told them that most of my life is repetitive, but I guess they think their should not be.)

  8. my eight year old refuses to use a napkin even if there is one at his place setting! He wipes his hands on his shirt or better yet lifts the corner of the table cloth to wipe his face

    the four year old remembers to flush when she pees, not when she poops! and on the same subject will often take scraps of TP to try to wipe (when she forgets to flush!) so um. . . well you can imagine the hand washing afterward 🙂

    the other two well they are just completely uncivilized! 🙂 Of course they are only two and 5 months!

  9. Children??? I am still working on these issues with my husband.

  10. HAHAHAHA to Kay in the comment above mine. That's quite true. And it's also the reason my seven-year-old still pees on trees.

  11. My baby is young and I just don't find anything like that…yet…

  12. When I went to clean behind the refrigerator, I found "abc" gum stuck to the back. Several pieces in several different piles. I didn't get it, it was actually more trouble to reach around behind the fridge and stick it there, than it would have been to put it in the garbage that was right there beside the fridge.

  13. I have hiders in my family. Instead of putting dirty clothes in the hamper, or dirty dishes in the dishwasher they hide them. Under beds, on bookshelves, in the closet.

    Seems like at least the same amount of effort as actaully putting them where they belong!

  14. Child will remain unnamed but passing gas and burping at dinnner table as form of entertainment. thought it would never end. It did. Taking clean clothes off floor of bedroom and putting them in hamper to keep from having to refold them – when we had a good 15 loads a week going on. Now they do their own laundry. Have hope – they do grow up!

  15. 9 yr. old – hamper two inches away, takes off his clothes and leaves them on the floor.

    6 yr. old – uses his shirt like a napkin

    All my kids (ages 4-13) unwrap candy/food and throw the wrapper ON THE FLOOR. (drives me nuts!)

    and somebody likes to put empty milk containers or juice bottles or cups of gatorade back into the frig.

  16. finally… I feel normal after reading all these comments! Especially the one where the clean clothes go into the dirty hamper! That is my son's specialty! And wet bathrooms: drip on the floor from the tub, toothpaste gobs in the sink, damp towels on the floor…yuk!

  17. Oh, it IS good to feel normal now!
    You once wrote in your other blog about things you find yourself saying as a parent that you never thought would be necessary. I commented that I never thought I would find myself uttering the words, "The shower curtain is NOT there for you to wipe your bottom on," but added that, thankfully, that was only once. Alas, since then it has been repeated a couple of times…
    Ah, yes, and gum anywhere but the trash can, clean clothes in the hamper so they don't have to be folded, clothes (theirs or mine) and walls used as napkins, and a 9 year old who does not understand why he is discouraged from shoveling (non-finger) food into his mouth with his hands while his face is 3 inches from the plate…

  18. Up to almost 8 years old (and still counting), wiping her food stained face on her shirt, or a new habit that I think it worse, on teh back of her hand. . . .

    Also, this is a new thing, but she's forgotten how to sit properly in a chair–usually her legs are all up under her, or one is half off the chair.