Bloggy Tour Of Homes

(Edited to add one more picture at the bottom) I’m joining with BooMama for the Bloggy Tour Of Homes.  Visit her site for all the details.  

 My home is not grand or amazing, except for the fact that it actually fits all of us!  I love it! We built it ourselves in 1993.  At the time we had 3 kids and never dreamed that 12 years later we’d have 8. 

When we first moved in, we had 1500 square feet and 3 bedrooms.  Since then we have finished the upstairs, bumped out a wall, and added a dormer.  That added 2 more bedrooms, a bathroom, and a family room.  It works really well for us. So, here are the photos from my place!


1) My front door.  In nice weather I love to sit on the front porch and read a book while the kids ride bikes and rollerblade on our driveway.


2) Where I blog. On the couch in the corner of my living room- that way I don’t miss anything!

3) Main living area.  We have a ‘great room’ with living, dining, and kitchen all connected. Very informal and friendly.
4) Kitchen-I really should have taken a picture of it at dinnertime, when it is wall to wall people, cooking, chopping, emptying dishwasher, setting table, and (in the case of my youngest) hanging on mom’s leg and begging to be picked up!

5) Our back yard, complete with pool, play yard, fort, sand box, and tire swing. Tons of stuff for busy kids to do!

And I had to add one last final picture of our kitchen this morning during breakfast prep! I have one kid on toast, one on eggs, one on potatoes, one on bacon, and two on the floor!

 Hope you enjoyed the peek into my life. Go visit BooMama to see who else is giving house tours!

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  1. Your home is so spacious…I like that. Thanks for the tour…it looks very 'homey'. Hope you have a restful Sunday…God is ever good.

  2. What a beautiful home 🙂 The picture of your living room has sealed it for me, the next bit of furniture we buy will be a leather sofa! Thank you so much for the tour.

  3. Love your front door and porch. So inviting to go sit and watch the world go by!

  4. I always wondered how you fit all those kids in – what a great place!! I LOVE your front porch.

  5. Your home is gorgeous…love the kitchen.
    I'm touring a day late as I was out of town…so glad that I dropped by.

  6. Love seeing how you live! I would adore having all that space in the back yard! The great room couches are well, great! Thanks for the tour — now to go back to stalking your garden…

  7. You definitely have a love-filled home!! I *adore* that basket your computer is on! The whole house seems open and much bigger than the numbers you gave. Thanks for a smile and a tour.

  8. What a beautiful home you have! It's perfect…as I imagined it would be. What a great heart you have……you can see it in the photos of your home….as well as your blog!

    Thanks for sharing. Wasn't BooMama's idea a GREAT one! I love getting to know my blogging firends just a little better. Now, when I read your posts, I will be able to visualize you sitting on your couch….with laptop in hand….watching all that is going on around you as you connect with so many in blogland!

    Thanks for the tour. It's beautiful.


  9. Wow! Thanks for the home tour- very nice!

  10. Loved your light and airy family-friendly home! Your front door area is absolutely wonderful and welcoming… and seeing your family in the kitchen was like being there with you all… Thanks so much for letting us all visit you! Blessings, Debra

  11. What a happy, love-filled home! I especially love the shot of the outdoors. Couldn't help but notice the young man at the pool. Is he really holding a cat that close to the water?? Hah!

    Your home is just as it should be… filled with family, love and fun! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  12. Your home looks so family-friendly! Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. So that's where the infamous Owlhaven lives. My favorite picture is the last one. How perfect that everyone does their part (yes even sitting on the floor) to get things done. That is lovely Mary, just lovely.

  14. What a pretty, warm, & inviting home! Your family sounds wonderful!!!

  15. I have pictures of my kitchen up right now…not quite a whole "bloggy tour," but its something.