Trying this again– Kids Who Argue

OK, I think I somehow lost a post over at my other blog, and so had to go rewrite it first thing this morning.   On the bright side it is even more thorough now that it was the first time I wrote it.   So, go check it out:  Ethiopia Adoption Blog – Kids Who Argue   And please, could you let me know whether the link works or not?

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  1. Yes, the link from this blog to the adoption one worked just fine!

    I have pretty agreeable kids, not much arguing around here. But lately, I've been watching a neighbor's kids who is a champion. I've realized that half the battle is really listening to kids in the first place AND being willing to set limits and say No. I'm big on attachment parenting & positive parenting but I have no trouble being the boss. My neighbor wants her 4 year old daughter to agree to things that she shouldn't even be asking about, like "mommy's going to go now, okay?" That's setting the stage for resistence. Say what you are going to do (as a statement) and then do it! I like your examples of consequences.

    Sorry so long! Please report how you like typepad! I'm enjoying your new format.

  2. Yes, the link worked for me as well!

    Thanks for the link BTW!

  3. Worked just fine. It's really been an eye-opening experience to read your blog, and see all the work that you put into having such great kids. Thanks for the ideas–mine have been very argumentative lately, and it's particularly exhausting. also, let me know if you do the Saturday night soccer thing!

  4. I'm back home!!! And yes your blog link worked, and I may be following you to wordpress, I'm about sick of Blogspot myself……..

    I'm posting my trip, daily experiences over on my blog…. so far just the journey there.

  5. I clicked through and everything worked. Great article, by the way. I think I need to dust of my copy of Parenting with Love and Logic. Time to revisit those pages.

  6. Great thoughts. I also model for my daughter the proper way to "object" to something, and I find it helps. Sometimes she is very right in what she might be asking, but the fact that she is arguing (which says to me, "I am the boss, not you," irritates me so much that I don't hear her). I also like "loving her enough not to argue." Because when I argue, I get heated, and yell and sin in my anger, and that makes her yell and sin in her anger. . . .

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