Need it or want it?

My latest post is up at Larger Families Need it or want it. And if you’re not sick of me by then, go read Unphotographable on my adoption blog. And feedback? It’s always good.

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  1. Kristin says:


    I really enjoyed all three entries but the one that stole my heart and made me cry was the unphotographable at your adoption blog. What a powerful and heart-crumpling image. It is a reminder that adoption is bittersweet for all involved.

    As for Brian's comment there, I can't seem to post at the adoption blog to comment. But I complete disagree. 4 year olds have lots of "stormy emotions" but this emotion stemmed from a loss much more significant that "staying up late/going to bed early". Her emotion stemmed from the loss of growing within you and from the loss of the woman whom she did grow within. A doubly powerful loss. I would never think to equate it with "I don't get to do what the older children do"!?

    Would you agree?

  2. Mary, I really liked your posts. I appreciated the tips in "Need it or want it", and I was very moved by "Unphotographable". Thank you for sharing such an intimate, powerful, and important moment.

  3. Hi Kristin, I responded to Brian's comment over on my adoption blog…

    Peek over there if you want to see what I said…


  4. Anonymous says:

    all three posts are beautifully written as always…you have such a way with words. thank you for sharing your and your 4 year old's very important experience. i hear what brian is saying…and his comments might be true under other circumstances…but certainly not always. your reply was also so thoughtful…

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