Cake, pie, whatever…

My 20 month old loves to sing. Her favorite song of all is “Happy Birthday”, which she sings something like, “Happy Boodoo to doo”. This rendition of the song seemed particularly appropriate last weekend when she — twice! — approached me singing her favorite song, carefully holding her ‘cake’ between two hands, the ‘cake’ actually being a very large, very dry cow pie.

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  1. EEWW! She didn't try to eat it right?

  2. So funny! I suppose the only way the lyrics could be more appropriate would be if she sang "Happy MooDoo do you.."

  3. And being a loving mom, did you pretend to eat it?
    Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  4. SO FUNNY!!!

  5. Wow, that would be a birthday surprise!!

  6. Oh I got a case of the giggles after reading that! At least it wasn't a WET cow pie! LOL

    PS – We are in the beginning process of adopting from Ethiopia and find your blogs so imformative! – Jill

  7. LOL…this is a story you must remember to tell at her wedding 😉

  8. Very cute – was a picture taken??
    Around here we have a festival just for those 'cow chips'.

  9. Sorry, no pix. I was too busy scrubbing and gagging…


  10. I assume you were properly grateful and showed your appreciation….TWICE, no less, LOL. 🙂

  11. ewwww lol

  12. That's hilarious!! did you freak out? LOLOLOL!!! Oh, it killed me what Beck wrote about pretending to eat it!!!

  13. LOL – that would have been a great picture!!

    I remember when my oldest learned that song, he'd sing it all the time and every candle I lit in the house, he'd sing and blow out.

  14. Hee hee and eww! A convenience product for kids! Why waste all that time slaving over a warm mudpit to make your own pies when they're readily and inexpensively available in the pasture aisle?

  15. Oh my, how very gross, and hilarious.