Instead of blogging last night

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  1. Oh Mary,

    What a beautiful sight! They look yummy.
    I need to get busy when I get home.


  2. looks yummy! I am working on blackberry jam!

  3. Mommies that sew, mommies that can, mommies that do this and that. My question is….how do you find the time?!?! I can barely go to the bathroom without someone harassing me.

    They look great.

  4. ((chanting)) Mary Mary Mary Mary

    Mary Mary she's our girl!
    Um…let's see….If she can't do it….hmmm..what rhymes with girl…girl…whirl…curl…pearl…


    Mary Mary she's our girl
    See her can stuff in a whirl!!

    he he heeeeee

    Getting ready for another batch of apricots….

  5. WOW! I'm impressed! i wanted to say hello. I'm not sure how I found your blog but I am enjoying it! I hope you don't mind my coming by from time to time.

  6. Oh yum!

    And you are shipping a jar out to each blogging buddy when???

    I am so impressed. With all the delicious cherries out right now, I am very tempted to get going and make some jam with them. Yumm….

  7. You've been a busy lady! They look wonderful!

  8. Okay, that makes me green w/ envy. I'm more jealous of people w/ great gardens than I am of ummmm anything. Those look beautiful!

  9. Oh, so colorful!
    A shelf full of cans with pictures on their labels is not nearly as pretty as all those jars lined up with actual goodies in full view!
    Looks like a Job Well Done!

    Seeing these reminded me of a book by Jude Devereaux THE MULBERRY TREE. The main woman of the story does bunches and batches of canning, alongside being a sleuth tracking down her husband's killers.

  10. This Mary is doing apricot jam right now with strawberry- rhubarb, strawberry, and tart cherry with a touch of almond already on the shelf. Sure will taste good this winter!

  11. I'm IMPRESSED! Canning/Jarring seems like something I'll never learn, but always wanted to!!! : )

  12. Oh my word.

  13. Man, all of these recent posts look like you have been one busy mama. The campsite is beautiful.

  14. joanne in pa says:


    It's nice to see that canning is NOT a dying art!