I am so bad…

…at losing weight — OK, this is pitiful–that a fond memory in my past is when I was fresh home from Africa, had giardia, and managed to lose 9 lbs in one month. Now, granted, I did not have a rip-roaring case of it. Mostly I was just nauseated and had no appetite and threw up once a week or so. Nothing really awful. But that was the easiest weight loss I’d ever had.

I am on a quest at the moment to lose 9 whole pounds. I actually want to lose 16 but I’m starting moderate. I began 7 weeks ago and since then have actually managed to lose 4. This is about as good as I ever do with weight loss, barring the occasional Africa-induced bout of giardia. So I am pretty pleased with myself at this moment.

But I am afraid my self-control will slip and so that is why I have been mulling over taking Mel up on her challenge Join The Diet Naked Team. I think if I did, I’d get much more serious about this and feel more accountable in those moments when (just for an example) I have just eaten 4 chocolate chip cookies in a row and am contemplating a 5th. (Not that I’ve ever actually had a moment like that..weak smile…)

I don’t know if I can bear to be that ‘out-there’. But, boy am I tempted… I’d really love to be down to a healthier weight by next summer, when I turn 40. So I’m wondering, is anyone else thinking of taking Mel up on her challenge?

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  1. She types while eating her spoonful of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips because the kids are quiet and I have a second and don't I just deserve a little pick-me-up sugar:
    My, we have a lot in common these days. I am also exactly 16 pounds over the weight that my body always gravitated to in healthier days. I don't know about posting my weight on the internet for all to see. I'll do some kind of private accountability with you if we're ready to drop these 16 hanger-onners… ?

  2. Come on, Mary! Join us ClubMom dieters! Mel is doing a fantastic job, and I'm doing, um, less fantastic, but still losing weight. You can do it!

  3. Hmm. I try to be pretty selective about doing anything naked. It usually results in weight gain for me, and everybody says I'll lose it in 9 months but I never do.

  4. I'm LOL at Jeana's comment!

    Mary, 4 lbs may have seemed slow to you, but it will most likely stay off! A five lb loss means that your clothes are looser. Ten lbs is a size down!

    Now, I know the calorie count of one M&M (4, btw) and can calculate points based on fiber content faster than the calculator, BUT…I have an emotional 'stuck' button and need to do some spiritual re-evaluating before I work my plan. Blessings to you, whatever you decide! 🙂

  5. I did join today! Accountability, you can never have too much!

  6. I'm trying to get my hubby to loose the weight he gained with me during our first pregnancy – I'd start the tub of ice cream and he'd finish it… breads, sugar and portion control has to be our downfall.

    (There's hidden sugars in just about everything, read the book, "Sugar Blues" by William Duffy, this book was actually banned in Canada in the 70's, talks about the addictive nature of sugar. In the 1940's the average person consumed 5 pounds of sugar a year, as of a couple of years ago it was up to 64 pounds per year, teen boys… 109 pounds per year!!) I think I will post about this… my comment was longer than I had intended.

  7. Go for it! (Use a pseudonym if you can't be completely naked.) You know you want to . . . 😉

  8. It seems like everywhere I go in the blogosphere today, I run into posts on weight loss. Must be swimsuit season or something! (Except for my friends in New Zealand, who are bundling up.) Sugar is a problem for all of us because it's truly addicting. Someone suggested staying away from anything white: sugar, bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. These carbs are the bad ones. Mel's Shrinking Mom site is AWESOME!

  9. Hi,
    Was feeling down about not losing all of my 'baby weight' two and half years after my son's birth and came across a great blog called http://www.shapeofamother.blogspot.com

    Basically women submitted shots of their pre and post baby bodies. It was consoling to think that other mothers were having a hard time losing weight and that not everyone is like Angelina Jolie and Co who can get in to their Size 2 jeans a week after the birth.

  10. Don't be hard on yourself. 4 lbs is awesome. Remember – its all about baby steps – making small changes to your eating and excersize habits. Small changes every day will lead up to the big change!!!!

  11. I found a new site that is great at getting you focused and helping you eat right and exercise and other great things like recipes etc. I love it! http://www.sparkpeople.com Come and try it it with me! Holymama is the one that showed me and she has lost 4 lbs. so far!