The most recent example….

…why you should always investigate when a kid gets way too quiet
Thankfully it was only a small bottle of lotion. And, boy, did she smell yummy for the rest of the day!

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  1. that is so true. Our quiet moment resulted in green marker on every available surface in two rooms and a hallway within about 2 minutes.

  2. Ah, yes. The deafening quiet of children having just a little too much fun. I love your attitude. You just make me smile.

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  4. Oh, yes. Those wonderful quiet moments. Hee!

    She is such a doll baby!

  5. Ah yes, how I am leery of unexpected quiet. I once investigated a weird quiet to find that my then 18 mo old had gotten ahold of some soft cheese and had smeared it all over the glass topped coffee table and into the wooden cracks where the glass sat in the frame and she was happily licking away her work of art.

  6. That sounds WAY too familiar!! With my 3 yr old son… it was nail polish… all over his feet, carpet and lips!!

  7. Oh I remember a similar quiet moment – only it was with lipstick!!

    I need to get a scanner so I can post some of those long-ago pictures!!

  8. Quiet children = DANGER!

  9. HA that cracks me up!!!!

  10. Just yesterday My 2 yr old dumped a whole bottle of Bath and Body hand sanitizer in my bed and then covered it with a pillow. I wondered why my room smelled so good! Was it at least a nice flavor of lotion that your girl used?

  11. My 18 month old uses anything (ranch dressing, ketchup, gravy, juice) to pretend she's putting on lotion or makeup just like mommy. And her newest love is lotion. I can't put lotion on quick enough without having her run to the bathroom with "peas! peas!" and then falls apart when lotion time is over. I LOVED this picture you posted!

  12. Laughing out loud! Count me and my 2 year old in the ranks!

  13. Yes, quiet moments around my house have meant toddlers playing in the fireplace ashes, kitty litter box, vaseline, and lipstick. Silence is scary.

  14. Your little cutie looks so pleased with herself! ;^)

  15. I remember my now 10 year old, then 2 year old, getting into the thick diaper cream. What a mess to get that out…that was the first time we shaved his head!!

  16. look how cute her sparkly eyes are! A litte mischief always brings a special sparkle! Too cute!

  17. That picture put a smile on my face. Thank her for me will ya? Oh- and my kids wubv wotion (love lotion) too. 🙂

  18. How busy are you! You put me to shame. I just wrote a blog about taking an opt out day and I only have one child!!

  19. Count us in for
    1) large jar of vaseline
    2) large bottle of hand soap
    3) large bottle of lotion
    4) large container of fish food
    5) rolls and rolls of toilet paper

    Ahh yes, thanks for the reminders of these wonderful days

  20. She looks so moisturized! 😉

  21. Too cute…she is so adorable and photogenic!
    She must be extra soft, now, too! 😉

    Thank you for dropping in on my site the other day!

  22. I was groaning and laughing at this so much… my non blogging, non interested husband came over to take a look.

    She sure does look happy though!! 🙂

  23. Oh, man!! At first when it's quiet, I'm thankful for the reprieve, until it's been quiet for too long. It's always a good sign of mischief!