On to the next project!

Now that we’ve got my 4 year old’s room all Pretty in Pink, my two 8 year olds have been hounding me to do something about theirs. They have some blue ‘gingham’ checked paint and a train wallpaper border that’s been up since they were babies and is now looking a little tired. Translation: they’ve peeled away great chunks with clever bored fingers at bedtime. (The moral of the story : NEVER put a wallpaper border in a kid’s room where he/she can reach it! ) The cute train quilts also have given up after years of washing and are trailing stuffing out their ripped edges.

Time for a redo.

My starting point is this cute reversible bed-in-a-bag set for their bunk beds. I’m going to paint the walls green, probably darker camo green below and light camo green above an orange stripe like the one shown in the picture. And since their request was for a Star Wars room, we checked out allposters.com and found some fun 8×10 Star Wars posters that we are going to mat and frame. (no more curling posters for me!)

I’m going to make them new curtains out of one of the dust ruffles that came in the bed-in-the bag, since the upper bunk of the bed doesn’t need a dust ruffle. It will all probably take me a week or two, since I haven’t even bought the paint yet. But I’ll show you the finished project when I get it done.

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  1. Really like those camo comforters! The room sounds cool.

  2. Looks like fun! BTW the girls room looks great!

  3. Very cool! Can't wait to see it!

  4. Oh, I can't wait to see the finished product! I love the comforter!

  5. They are going to love it!!!

  6. So Mary, can I hire you when you are finished? My boys could really use a redo but I am just not very good at doing a whole room–it is too much all at once!

    Looking forward to the final product!

  7. My son's room is in camo and we had to add Power Ranger posters too it.

  8. I love LOVE LOVE painting rooms. Too bad you don't live closer. I have brushes and aprons to share!

    It was the very first thign we did when we bought this house was repainted every room, save for the teenager's room. We can't seemto come to a conclusion on that room.

  9. I love the wall colors, and the painted border that is pick/peel proof.

  10. Nice comforters to work with! It's bound to turn out very cool! We're in the same vein right now, as I'm just finishing up a kids room, too (shared by boys ages 3,6 & 9). The bright blue "sky" and clouds painted on the ceiling and onto the walls by previous owners were enjoyed for 7 years, but the Pooh theme was old for them and the comforters were falling to pieces. Painting over a bright blue stucco ceiling was a big pain, but it's done, and it looks great. I started at AllPosters.com, too, with two gorgeous Narnia posters in golden tones,with red accenture ("Aslan is on the move")and a Narnia map,then found perfect striped duvet covers and comforters clearanced online. An actual lamppost ($41 grand total incl. shipping from ebay!)stands in the corner for extra light or as a nightlight when dimmed. All that's left to do is to stencil a particular quote from the book along the top of the wall and hang the red/gold rennaissance style flags. Kids rooms are so fun– especially when DONE! Good luck with yours.

  11. I just had to tell you that you've inspired me to paint my boys' room. At our old house I went all out and did a great farm theme when they were younger. We're in a parsonage now and they've just been living w/ white walls…I think they deserve a fun room while they will still enjoy it…to get permission!

  12. They are going to love it. I have to make sure my boys don't see the picture.

  13. Looks like a fun room! I'm sure they'll love it!

  14. ph cute idea. i like that

  15. A Star Wars room? That could be fun! And easier to find stuff for than a karate room!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have that room in my house!! Same paint same comforter everything….my son loves it!