Opinion Saturday

Busy day today! My family had a huge anniversary bash to celebrate my husband’s and my 20th anniversary, as well as the 5th, 10th, and 15th anniversaries of several other couples in our family. Thankfully the party was at my sister’s. So much more relaxing for me– and their place was great for a big bash. There was a jump house, volleyball net, swim pool, monster golf, and lots of shady places to sit and chat. A great party, and great fun to have everyone in the family so happily occupied.

Our anniversary is actually next month, and we are trying to decide what to do. So, here’s my Opinion Saturday question. What’s the best anniversary celebration you and your spouse ever had, and why? A date? An outing….? Suggestions?? You have till Monday evening to answer, and I’ll pick the idea that sounds most inspiring– and possible– for us! (G-rated, of course…smile)

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  1. In my opinion – ours is coming up, July 27th and I am SO looking forward to it!
    When we got married, we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast that has 9 rooms all pattered after different 19th century poets.
    We stayed in the "opulent, if not decadent" Oscar Wilde Suite. And this year we are going back, to the Alfred, Lord Tennyson Suite. But this time we are going to take in the B&B and linger and enjoy their high tea and RELAX!
    I hope we will be able to slowly revisit this B&B and stay in every room. My hubby and I have a lifetime to do it in!

  2. My parents 25th anniversary is coming up in August and I'm thinking of buying them a weekend in New York City for 2. They've never travel very far (children first, no money left) and I'm sure they'd like to go out by themselves because they never get to.

  3. Well Mary – our best anniversary celebration was our 1st daughter from Korea. …she was born on our wedding anniversary. Of course we didn't know about her till months later, but guess what we do every anniversary – have a birthday party for her and we love it!

    We are not big on babysitters and so we usually have a "date" when my husbands parents visit which is about twice a year.

    I can not think of a better anniversary celebration than our beautiful daughter's birthday.

  4. i don't know!

    but i'll watch what people tell you, since i need an idea for our anniversary too. ohyeah! our 10th is the same day as your 20th, i remember now!

  5. Mary, if you have a video of your wedding, that would be sweet to watch and remember that special day. Since you have built-in babysitters with your older children, maybe you two can go out together to celebrate, sans children! And if neither of those is feasible, try together to remember something memorable from each one of those years, record each one through journaling or pictures, and later share the book with your children. A healthy marriage is the best gift you can give your kids, and they'll love sharing your memories. And happy anniversary!

  6. Jon and I have never been away by ourselves since our honeymoon. That's 19 years. We'd planned to do it this year – go to Santa Fe for a long weekend, leave the kids at my MIL's, we even checked on air fare and hotels.

    Then I found out I was needed to play VBS the entire week before our anniversary and then play in church the day of our anniversay, June 11th.

    After discussing it, we agreed that it would be best if I do what God has called me to do in service to Him. We knew wev would have to postpone our get-away until spring at the earliest – might as well wait until our 20th.

    From the stage that Sunday, I could see a look of love and satisfaction in Jon's eyes as he sat down among our church family. Later he admitted he was so proud of me for letting go of what I wanted and serving instead. He took me out to dinner that evening. It's all good.

    We're still waiting for our weekend away, but so far, sacrificing a romantic get-away to do what God has called me to do has been the best anniversary I've had to date.

    Probably not much help to you, though.

  7. We left the kids at grandma's for a weekend and came back home. We did it because we couldn't afford to go anywhere, but it was so fun to just hang out at home, just the two of us.

  8. I don't know how it started – but my husband and I end up attending a Concert every year for our anniversary….Our first year was Dave Matthews and this year we will be seeing Pink Martini (they are playing at the Oregon Zoo in August).

    The grandparents watch the kids and we get to have a couple of hours amongst a horde of people. But for some reason we enjoy it – dancing, singing, holding hands, listening to some adult tunes.

    it isn't very grandiose – but fun.

    Oh – my parents celebrated their 25th by going to Hawaii….there's an idea.

  9. A trip away from the children. Hands down–we get so refreshed and recharged when we secure a sitter (usually my mom) and get away for at least a weekend.

    For my husband's last birthday, we stayed in a beautiful B&B with a sitting room, screen in porch and hot tub. Heaven. We also toured a beautiful art museum, went out to eat several times and took in two movies. We loved every minute of it.

  10. For our anniversary last year, we splurged and drove to visit the in-laws for an entire week.
    When we got there, I learned that Hubby had rented a '06 convertible Mustang for the week! With the kids at Grandma's house, we were able to sneak out and put a lot of miles on that car!
    It was surprisingly affordable for a splurge: the car was ~$200 for the week, with unlimited miles. And it was like nothing we had ever done before!

  11. Good question Mary, I am also curious about other comments since my 4th anniversary is this week and I have no idea what to do for my hubby.
    On our first anniversary we took a picnic to the park right across the street from the hotel where we got married. We found a shady tree and "popped the cork" on a great vintage of sparkling apple cider and ate cheese and crackers and read to each other and just relaxed taking in the ocean. I remember when we were deciding what to do for our anniversary that year we both thought that we'd have many other years to have that picnic, but as life twists and turns we are (for the best) not even in the same time zone as where we were married so I'm glad that we got to spend an afternoon under that tree just absorbed in each other.

  12. For our 15th anniversary my DH and I went to Hawaii. That was a pretty swell place to be, except I was green with morning sickness the whole time! Oh well, it was still a wonderful trip. I'd like to go back for our 20th which is this year as well, but I don't think that's gonna happen. *sigh*

    We'll probably go away for a night at least, though. Haven't decided where yet.

  13. Our first anniversary we were in full blown campaign mode and didn't do anything, our second anniversary Marty had a Board meeting (because he had won the campaign of the previous year), last year we went out to dinner with our two week old while my MIL watched to two older children. I wish that I could give some advice, but, as you can see, our anniversaries have been a little lacking in the romance department.

  14. Our most memorable anniversary was our one-year anniversary. We had big plans to celebrate by going and staying the night at a highly-recommended, fancy inn right on the beach, then driving up the coast to Cambria to visit the spot where Kevin had proposed.

    The evening started out with checking into the hotel before dinner. We were shocked to discover that they had booked us into a room that actually had an adjoining door to the room next door, and because of this you could hear every little noise from the other room. So, as we got dressed for dinner, we got to hear the couple next door in a VERY heated argument over whether it was okay for the man to go to the bar before dinner.

    After we returned from our own dinner we hit up the jacuzzi on our patio, watched some TV, and went to bed. We'd been laying there in the silence for maybe about ten minutes when we heard it.

    You see, the adjoining door was located right by each of our respective, marble, echo-y bathrooms. Apparently the man HAD gone to the bar for several drinks before (after, and during…) dinner, because he was now vomiting repeatedly, loudly, and we could hear every last bit of it.

    I was so grossed out (and it kept happening) that I called down to the front desk. They were most unhelpful, said the entire hotel was booked so we couldn't switch rooms, but offered to send security to the room to ask the man to quiet down. Ummmm…I don't think that would solve anything!

    So, at 1:30 a.m., my husband and I tiredly got dressed, packed up our things, got our money refunded, and made the forty minute drive home.

    But that wasn't the end of our anniversary weekend. The next day (on our actual anniversary), June 22, I took a pregnancy test and discovered that we were pregnant with our first child! Neither of us had ever been so excited! I remember the moment I went into our little apartment's living room to tell Kevin it was positive. I was shaking and we were both in utter disbelief.

    So far, in our four years of marriage, that has been the most memorable, wonderful anniversary. My recommendation? Do something special, but DON'T stay at The Inn at Morro Bay!!!

  15. Mary, I'm thinking – Don't do the Brianna thing, K? I mean, really. You never know when the Couple Next Door might show up at some romantic hideaway and such every last scrap of romance right on out of there, y'know?

    Just a suggestion. 😎

  16. Our 10th will be next fall, and we're doing a mini-golf party. My step-brothers all had huge weddings with golf tournaments, and I had a small wedding, so we've been planning for the past 8.5 years to do a minigolf party for our 10th.

    My mother & step-dad surprise eachother every year with a trip – they trade back and forth for the planning. They've done a week in Italy or just a B&B an hour away depending on finances. Someday, when my kids are older and we have more money, I'd love to do that – the surprise and time alone sounds wonderfully romantic.