You know you’re raising country kids…

… when you’re in a ‘big city’ parking lot where the rows of parking are marked out with multi-strand wire cable strung between posts– and just as you’re reaching out to lift the cable so the kids can scootch under, your 8 year old calls out warningly, “Is that a hot wire?”

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  1. THAT is hysterical. Made me laugh out loud. Twice.

  2. Ooo, Good one! My two year old ignored my warnings and grabbed the 'hot' wire not once but TWICE when we were in Kansas visiting the family farm there. Surprisingly, after the second time, she learned not to touch it!

  3. Too cute! 🙂

  4. How about when you grab someone's hand and then very sneakily grab the hot wire with your other hand. That is a true country hick trick.

  5. When I was a girl in Puerto Rico hanging out at the stables we used to see who could hold on to the live wire the longest. My farmer friend told me that his nieces and nephews lined up hand in hand and then the first one touched the live fence.

  6. That made me chuckle!!! It reminded me of the hobby farm I grew up on.

  7. LOL! That is too funny.

  8. when my husband was a boy he accidently spit/drooled onto an electric fence – ouch – the only way to "redeem" the situation was to convince his 5 younger brothers and sisters that they needed to join his new club – guess what the initiation ceremony was?