Am I the only one…?

Am I the only one who feels outraged that we dump millions every year into the space program while people in Africa die daily of malaria for the lack of a $5 mosquito net?

Budget of the United States Government, FY 2007
Africa’s Malaria Death Toll Still “Outrageously High”
Efforts to cut global malaria deaths slowed –

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  1. Thank you! I completely agree! I'm outraged at the things that take precedence over human lives. I'm also outraged at the belief that American lives somehow hold more value than other lives! Don't get me started…

  2. I think it said it all when it headlined one section as "Focusing on the Nation's Priorities." Because inspiring students and teachers is so much more important than a the life of a student or teacher in another country. (Puh-leez.) Yes, outrage over here too. Don't get me started on what churches could do with their millions of dollars per year budgets.

  3. It is awful. Terrible. Science-y people have tried to defend space funding to me, saying that the research involved in the space program has led to very, very good things, but that seems so weak to me. It's a very frustrating thing.

  4. no – doesn't make any sense to me either. some ppl. really live for exploring, finding out new things in space. me? not so much. i'd much rather all neighbors (everyone on the earth) went to bed with a full tummy at night.

  5. I wanted to leave a comment but then saw Emily's, and that pretty much sums it up best. Full tummies over space rocks, anyday.

  6. thank you. I.KNOW. It wears me out too. Also watching shows about celebrity millions… about the things rich people (and unfortunately most of us here in America) purchase. I think there's a show on some channel called "It's great to be…" and then the show is about how great it is to be some certain celebrity. So ridiculous how much money there is in this world NOT feeding people who need it. And yet, I'm sure we're consciously struck with how much luxury even a middle class American lives in. Ok, enough talking… this topic is a hot one for me too! Thanks for posting about this.

  7. I so agree with you. Can you even imagine what we could do for other nations if we'd just strip our country's budget of the excess? If we cut out the silly programs?

    $400 to build a temporary house for a family left homeless by the earthquake in Indonesia. Or, you know, a lugnut for the space shuttle.


  8. I agree with Beck. I am a science-y person, and I still see it as misdirected use of our funds. yes, some great things have come of the space program (tang, for one), but nothing so great as the work that needs to be done back on the ground.

  9. The one that I find most outrageous is the fact that the united states alone could grow enough food to feed the world, but because of government policies involving subsidizing, stabilizing prices, and other economic mumbo jumbo that has to do with keeping the US rich and other people poor. Tonnes and Tonnes of food are purchased by the GOv't and allowed to sit and rot in storage facilities, just to keep demand up. THink about that the next time you see a starving child on the news and you will be even more outraged than you already are.

  10. The last government in power in Canada spent almost 1 billion dollars on a gun registry that never worked, was only supposed to cost $25 million max and they still didn't scrap it! Waste waste waste.

    There's enough grain and corn in silo's in North America to feed the entire world but it goes rotten so that the markets don't get flooded so that the prices stay higher!!

    This is because the world is run like a business and not like a family ~ the way God intended it to be.

  11. No.

  12. Maybe the space aliens are having trouble with malaria too.

    No. See, there isn't even a joke in it!

    Thank the Lord for the Bill and Melinda Gates Fund.

  13. Absolutely not, Mary. I was sitting with your kids the other night, thinking about how pathetic it is that we have full tummies, are comfortable, and watching fireworks, while millions around the world are starving. We throw so much money into unnecessary things…anyway, i shouldn't go anymore, because then I won't be able to stop.

  14. I agree priorities need lined up.

  15. No, you aren't the only one…but I don't think a 5 dollar mosquito net would do a whole lot against malaria. When my family and I lived over there we all got malaria at least once and I got it several times….6 times tht I can remember over there and one time a few months after we came back to the U.S.. And we definantly used mosquito nets, screens on the windows, mosquito repellant, and all that stuff.

    I agree that the priorities aren't right, but I don't think $5 mosquito nets are the answer. Rather, if they could be taught how to treat malaria and be given the proper meds to treat it, that could change a few things. =)

  16. Of course taking care of our human brothers and sisters should take priority in this world. However, pointing a finger at "science" and the "space program" is a slippery slope. A lot of other fingers could be pointed and mirrors could be taken out… If only the world were ideal! But it sure seems like you do your part in opening your heart and the hearts of those around you (-:

  17. I never really thought of it this way, but you have a point.

    I came over from The Sassy Lime. Hi!

  18. Agree w/Emily and Sarah. I don't get it either!

  19. Heidi, No, mosquito nets aren't the whole answer, but research suggests that nets can cut malaria deaths by half. Other affordable fixes includes medicine for those already infected (50 cents a dose) and insecticidal sprays ($10 a year per household.) Simple affordable stuff that people all over the world cannot afford.

  20. I'm outraged that DDT could be used in very small amounts to save millions of lives, but horror over the bad reputation (which isn't completely deserved) prevents the distribution and use.

    Priorities are certainly whacked.

  21. You know—-I never ever thought about it like that.

    Yes, outragecd would probably be a good word for it.

  22. Nope… never ceases to amaze me at what our government chooses to put money in or not put money in. It is mind-boggling.

  23. Facts like these make me sad and don't make sense.

  24. Don't get me started on how much money we put into space exploration when there are starving people all around us.

    AND also don't get me started on how churches utilize their time/money/resources either.

    But then I feel convicted sometimes on how I spend my own money.

    My friend's dad made a bumper sticker that says, "Who cares about pluto when people are starving here?" I love that sticker and have felt this way for a long time.

  25. Amen! What is the sole purpose of going there anyway? Don't we have enough to deal with here!

  26. Blek! No you are not. I just don't get the priorities list of some. So unreal!

  27. You are right, but what about that whole Fluffernutter thing? That takes the biscuit, IMO. THAT's what they are doing on Capital Hill????

  28. I mean in MA. Ooops it's not national news, yet.