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Shamu your kid!

I’ve got a post over on my Ethiopia Adoption Blog–Child-Training, The Shamu Way.  Let me know what you think!


  Genesis 1:20-21;

Bloggy Tour Of Homes

(Edited to add one more picture at the bottom) I’m joining with BooMama for the Bloggy Tour Of Homes.  Visit her site for all the details.  

 My home is not grand or amazing, except for the fact that it actually fits all of us!  I love it! We built it ourselves in 1993.  At the time we had 3 kids and never dreamed that 12 years later we’d have 8. 

When we first moved in, we had 1500 square feet and 3 bedrooms.  Since then we have finished the upstairs, bumped out a wall, and added a dormer.  That added 2 more bedrooms, a bathroom, and a family room.  It works really well for us. So, here are the photos from my place!


1) My front door.  In nice weather I love to sit on the front porch and read a book while the kids ride bikes and rollerblade on our driveway.


2) Where I blog. On the couch in the corner of my living room- that way I don’t miss anything!

3) Main living area.  We have a ‘great room’ with living, dining, and kitchen all connected. Very informal and friendly.
4) Kitchen-I really should have taken a picture of it at dinnertime, when it is wall to wall people, cooking, chopping, emptying dishwasher, setting table, and (in the case of my youngest) hanging on mom’s leg and begging to be picked up!

5) Our back yard, complete with pool, play yard, fort, sand box, and tire swing. Tons of stuff for busy kids to do!

And I had to add one last final picture of our kitchen this morning during breakfast prep! I have one kid on toast, one on eggs, one on potatoes, one on bacon, and two on the floor!

 Hope you enjoyed the peek into my life. Go visit BooMama to see who else is giving house tours!

Trying this again– Kids Who Argue

OK, I think I somehow lost a post over at my other blog, and so had to go rewrite it first thing this morning.   On the bright side it is even more thorough now that it was the first time I wrote it.   So, go check it out:  Ethiopia Adoption Blog – Kids Who Argue   And please, could you let me know whether the link works or not?

Let the eating begin!

Judging by last evening’s harvest, this may finally be the year when we actually have more zucchini than we need! For dinner I chopped zucchini into 3/4 inch chunks and tossed a couple cups into the spaghetti sauce right at the end of cooking. Yummy! Now on to zucchini bread! And be sure to check out Stephanie’s yummy sounding recipe for Zucchini Strudel

In 18 years of motherhood…

…it had NEVER occurred to any of my children to put one end of a bendy straw in their mouth and the other end in their nose.   And then suck.

Until today. 


Need it or want it?

My latest post is up at Larger Families Need it or want it. And if you’re not sick of me by then, go read Unphotographable on my adoption blog. And feedback? It’s always good.

How one night can feel like a week…

Lest you accuse me of painting too rosy a picture of camping with 8 children in a 26 foot travel trailer, let me share one particular night last weekend.

8:15 pm–Lie down in trailer bed with 1 year old, who’s had 45 minutes of nap all day and should be utterly exhausted. Think optimistically of joining my teenagers for a game of cards in 10 minutes or so. Hold 1 year old in gentle headlock while feeding her a bottle and singing for 40 minutes straight. During this time she flails around, sticks her finger up my nose, thumps the wall between herself and 4 year old sister who’s also ‘trying’ to go to sleep, cries, throws her bottle across the bed/room, and generally resists sleep as long as possible.

8:55- Tiptoe out of room, baby finally asleep. Peek at 4 year old, also asleep. While I’ve been wrestling the baby, dad has already read stories to the 8 year old boys in the screen tent — good man. All I have to do is kiss them, warn them sternly about being quiet in the trailer, and send them in to bed.

9:00-11:30– Play cards with big kids– they are so much fun! They teach me to play poker. I discover I have a huge propensity for betting big, when it’s red, white and blue poker chips anyway. Lose many chips, and make my 12 year old very ‘rich’. Make mental note to self to stay far from Vegas.

11:30– Head for bed where baby is currently crashed and hubby is surveying the bed wondering if we 3 will all fit. All other beds (and floor space) are taken. In this photo you see our predicament– obviously this 24 pound child is a colossal bed hog. Please note that her heel is touching the wall on the left. This is a standard double bed with a 12 inch ‘sidecar’ added on the left. We usually sleep in a king. Hmm…

11:40-12:00- After getting ready for bed, I gingerly scoot baby over. Just as I scooch in, she flops over into ‘my’ space again and I almost sit on her. I scoot her over again which causes her to wail and start to waken. Hastily gesturing for hubby to kill the light, I grab her bottle out of the cooler bag and settle in next to her. She quickly dozes off and after a couple minutes I attempt to scoot away from her into a comfy position. She wails and flops until her entire body once again is cradled under my arm against my side. I decide I’m too tired to argue, and go to sleep myself.

1:50-2:05– She’s flipping and flopping and fussing again. Teething, maybe? Once again I offer the bottle, hoping she’ll hush before she wakes the whole family. She refuses, fussing around for what feels like a really long time before deciding that only lying on my chest will do, preferably with her head cradled on my shoulder and her puff of curly hair in my face. In moments I’m sweating and tossing covers off– gingerly, though, so as not to wake her. I think of getting up to give her some Advil (or maybe some Benadryl?) but I’m too tired, and doze back off.

2:17-2:50- She rolls off me, towards dad. I feel her wiggling around trying to get comfy against dad, and think of pulling her back against me so she won’t disturb him. But he has been sleeping so darned well through all of this that I’m a bit irritated. So I let her be and doze as she thrashes and worms her hand between the mattress and his side and says dada sleepily. But when he growls and flops away and cracks his elbow on the wall, a teeny bit of remorse creeps in. I pull her back against me and pat her on the bum and whisper-sing into her ear until she settles back to sleep. Again I doze.

3:30-3:40 She’s awake AGAIN. It’s gotta be the teeth. I head into the bathroom with her and yank open the medicine cupboard, trying to decide between Advil and Benadryl. Advil might help the teething, if that is it. But Benadryl will make her sleep, and sleep is what we gotta have right now. Benadryl it is. Then back to bed where thankfully she falls back asleep quickly.

6:10 AM- 4 year old climbs in with us. I hiss at hubby to stick her back in her bed quick before she wakes the 1 year old. He does, and we all doze back off, not waking until after 8.

The first words out of my mouth at that point, I believe, were, “Coffee– make it strong.” (Name that movie?!)

Vow to myself that if she’s that restless the next night, she’s getting Benadryl much sooner!

Cake, pie, whatever…

My 20 month old loves to sing. Her favorite song of all is “Happy Birthday”, which she sings something like, “Happy Boodoo to doo”. This rendition of the song seemed particularly appropriate last weekend when she — twice! — approached me singing her favorite song, carefully holding her ‘cake’ between two hands, the ‘cake’ actually being a very large, very dry cow pie.