The extravagance of it….

Three brand new swimsuits for ONE little girl this summer. All bought in one day, no less. I’d feel guilty about it except, you see, I found them at the dollar store. Yup, $3 for all three!

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  1. Gotta love that!

  2. could she get any sweeter? I love them all- so very worth $3.

  3. I thought I was the queen of all bargain shoppers, but I definitely think you have me beat.

  4. Ryleigh has two of them, as well. How can you beat it!!!??!!

  5. Emma took swim lessons – 8 lessons total – over the past two weeks. One of the three year old girls in her class never wore the same suit twice! Talk about extravagance!

  6. Those dollar stores have EVERYTHING!

    Last week we got a huge bin of sidewalk chalk, a swim "noodle", and some wrapping paper at a dollar store. So satisfying to lay down just a few bucks and walk out with a bag full of useful stuff (and two boys excited about having something brand new to play with)…

  7. bathing suits at a dollar store?!?! that is great 🙂

  8. my question is with 8 kids and 34 meals to cook each day and a minimum of 56 outfits to wash each week….

    How do you find time to SHOP???

  9. I LOVE a good bargain! All the suits look very cute!

  10. Now that is my kind of shopping! You Go Girl!

  11. Shana, My 4 year old has 6 swimsuits, FIVE of which are hand-me-downs, so that is a possible explanation at your swim lesson. maybe.

    And Avery, my secret? My kids do almost all the laundry. I run the washer maybe once a week- the kids do the rest. the kids also do dishes, mop floors, vaccuum, etc. After all, they make most of the mess– why shouldn't they clean too? I cook, inspect and train kids in doing jobs, arbitrate fights, apply bandaids and hugs, find missing items, etc, etc… But yeah, I do have time left over for an occasional shopping trip. It's soothing to the soul, y'know…esp in the case of the above-mentioned bargains!


  12. She's a dolly! The dollar store is a great place for swimming suits!

  13. She looks darling.

  14. They have swim suits at the dollar store? I definately am heading over there this weekend. You can't beat that!


  16. wow! and she looks so cute in all of them, too!

  17. OH! YOU – ARE – GOOD!!!

  18. oh and doesn't she look cute in them!!!