Go visit Steppin’ Heavenward to read about my sister Sophie and her work in Ethiopia. The infant in the very first picture is my daughter over a year ago. The tiny baby you see in the pictures was a very premature baby boy that she took care of while there. He weighed only 2 pounds and they did not expect him to live. But if you go here you can see that baby now! What a miracle!

PS– If you want to read about another of my sisters who just got back from Ethiopia, visit Ethiopia: Surprising Beauty Yet another sister of mine is adopting from Ethiopia and hopes to get a child assigned to their family sometime this year! I’m really proud of my sisters!

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  1. That's your daughter in the first picture? Oh – she was so teeny and adorable! She's such a big girl now! That tiny little baby was so heart-rending. I'm glad to hear he lived.

  2. Reading about and seeing all those precious little ones makes me want to bring them all home and love on them. So sad that they don't all have loving homes, but so heartwarming that you and others do adopt some of them and make them your own. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Mary 🙂 did a great job articulating a bit of what draws me to Ethiopia. The spirit is beautiful. And the babies, of course… 🙂
    I just wanted to tell you that I was amazed, once again, at how wonderful your kids are. I had a blast with them last night! Then i went home and bought some POG CD's for them, since they seemed to enjoy the concert so much. I must spread the love around, ya know 🙂 your little boy who is now a young man (weird!) impressed me in particular, with how very gentleman-ly he is. He held doors open and carried things for the girls, and gave up his water so I wouldn't have to wait in line…all the while, smiling and having a blast hanging out with his aunt! He's obviously had some good training, and is going to make some lucky girl very happy!