Viewing this photo, you might logically assume I acquired this nasty burn while camping at the lake this weekend. No. The entire weekend I was a mature adult. Not only did I use cups and cups of sunscreen liberally on my many children, I also slathered sunscreen all over myself. Over the weekend I didn’t even get pink.

No, this sunburn happened at home yesterday, as I spent 40 minutes in the pool with my little kids. Apparently I forgot that the sun here is just as potent as at the lake. Dumb, dum, dum, dumb. Grrr…

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  1. Ouch!

  2. Yikes! I'm dumb like that too. (sigh)

  3. Ouch! I bet the mom on the box used sunscreen.

  4. Owie! I've done that same thing.

  5. Eek! That brings back painful memories of my own sunscreen slip-up. Speedy healing wishes coming your way.

    LOL@ Valerie's allusion to the mom on the box…

  6. washboard abs…

    google searches….

    screwdrivers on the wedding day….

    now scandolous photos of Mary showing skin……

    What's next???

  7. Wow, that's gotta hurt!!

  8. Oh, Mary! Now I can return your advice about the aloe vera! Yuck!

  9. OUCH! I hate that : ( So, so, so sorry!!!! I'm one of the WORST about sunscreen….I always think I'll just tan like I used to when I was younger! Something changed….and I burn now : ( Hope you are still able to sleep at night!!!!

  10. Ouch! I've done that myself!

  11. Yowy!!!