I’m baaaack…..!

Camp was great! I’ll share some pictures and tell you more about our weekend tomorrow. Only one other kid got sick. But the first one was better by Tuesday evening and the second wasn’t sick till early Sunday morning, so basically we were healthy all weekend. A big blessing! We drove home this afternoon, sighing that camp was already over for another year and my 14 year old said, “How many days till next camp?”

Once we got the van and trailer unpacked, a load of laundry tossed in, and supper in the oven, I made a beeline for my computer. (Marvelous restraint I showed, don’t ya think?) I had a lovely time reading all your fab comments and guesses, etc.

Avery had me laughing– go here and scroll down to his comment if ya missed it. It was great to hear from so many people, including many who’ve never commented before. I’ll try and come visiting tonight after kids are off to bed.

Now for the winners:

My VIP person this week is Amanda from following an unknown path. She lives in Taiwan, and says there are over 6,000 people per square mile living where she does. I have a hard time even imagining that! I’m so glad she shared that little tidbit.

And my yard sale winner this week is Radical One from Favorite Sister’s Thoughts. Her guess of $18 was exactly right.

Here’s the breakdown of what I paid.

Top photo (left to right)
-4 long sleeved little girls shirts–3 @ $0.25 each, 1 @ $0.50
-Pink tank (Children’s Place) –$0.75
-turquoise tee (Children’s Place)–$0.75
-denim shorts–$0.25
-3 big-boy shirts (2 Old Navy, 1 Gap)–2 @ $1.00 each, 1 @ $0.75

Bottom photo (left to right)

-Tan shorts outfit (being worn by my daughter)-$2.75
-aqua winter PJ’s–$1.00
-lavender princess dress–$2.50
-pink 2 pc toddler outfit–$2.00
-4 pair big-boy jeans — 2 Rustlers, $0.50 each, 2 Old Navy’s, $1 each
-Big boy polo (Old Navy)–$1.00
Shoes in front:
–Black flip-flops (well worn)– $0.25
–Blue and white shoes– $0.75
–Tan Adidas–$0.50

All the lowball guesses y’all tossed my way made me think I should have shopped better, but after looking at the pictures again, I think I did ok for my $18.

One final thing– if you haven’t gone there already, don’t forget to visit Larger Families to read my post “Open Your Mouth And Close Your Eyes…”

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  1. Way to go Radical one, you were right one the money : )

    Wow Amanda, I can't imgaine that many people living that close together. Are you a missionary there?

    I'll be checking out that other post later today Mary!!

  2. welcome back!!!!

    I'm disapointed that no one noticed I didn't include "Y" I was waiting for someone to ask "Why did you skip Y?"

    My answer was going to be "Y not?"

  3. Thanks . . . I don't think I've ever been a VIP before. 🙂

    I wrote on my blog today about why I read your blog as a thank you. 🙂

    And, yes, Stacey, I am a missionary here in Taiwan–a tentmaker missionary actually.

  4. You did extremely well – as for my low guess, I hadn't noticed the bottom picture with those jeans and sneakers.Glad you had a good time at camp – my daughter heads out to camp tomorrow. She is going to be a Jr. counsellor this year.

  5. Ha! I think that was a good deal too! The last one was amazing low though, so I went low this time!

    I'm still impressed!

  6. Hah! Avery definitely deserves the VIP.

    Good shopping for $18 Mary! I could take lessons.

  7. Yeah, Avery definitely put in the effort! But he won a few weeks ago, and I am trying to rotate the winners a bit..

  8. welcome back and i'm so glad you're back safely! camps can be such a wonderful time, full of memories and fun. even tho' it's lots of hard work, those memories will be worth it all! (smile)

    i must say i am surprised to know that i guessed your $ amount on your great yard sale items. as i said…i love yard saleing and shopping for "junk" but i better not tell my hubby that i've done so much that i'm winning guesses like this. hehe

    anyway, love your home here and will be back soon.