Game Two–Yard Sale Bargains # 2

The yard sale game last week was so much fun that I decided I’d do it again this week. Here are pictures of the bargains I found while yard saling on Saturday. Click on pictures to enlarge

Top photo (left to right)
-4 long sleeved little girls shirts
-Pink tank (Children’s Place)
-turquoise tee (Children’s place)
-denim shorts
-3 big-boy shirts (2 Old Navy, 1 Gap)

Bottom photo (left to right)

-Tan shorts outfit (being worn by my daughter
-aqua winter PJ’s
-lavender princess dress
-pink 2 pc toddler outfit
-4 pair big-boy jeans (like-new, 2 Rustler, 2 Old Navy),
-Big boy polo (Old Navy)
Shoes in front:
–Black flip-flops (well worn),
–Blue and white shoes (excellent shape),
–Tan Adidas (excellent shape)

So what do you think I paid?? One guess per person. On Sunday evening I’ll tell you who guessed the closest.

Have fun!

And on Saturday don’t forget to visit Larger Families to read a new post from me titled “Open You Mouth and Close Your Eyes,” talking about sibling relationships and revealing what a scoundrel I was as a kid.

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  1. OK, My guess is $10.00. You got some cute stuff.

  2. I'm going to say 8.50. Darling things for your girlies!

  3. I'll say $9.50.

  4. Don't you just love yardsales! I don't know what we'd do without them! Nice things you found!

  5. $9.00 even.

  6. $8.75–makes me want to go yard-saling soon!

  7. $15 is my guess =)

  8. hey girl! I'm so glad you dropped by my blog! 🙂 Do send your dear homeschool grad to my site…does she have a blog – or a myspace?

    You might enjoy Mom's blog! I have a sister who's in the process of graduating from homeschool now and an 8-year-old sister going into 2nd grade (I think! haha) of homeschooling!

    I'm going to say you paid $5 bucks for that stuff – not that it looks cheap or anything (they look GREAT!), but I know the absolute deals you can find at yard sales – even on brandname clothing with tags still attached…it should be considered highway robbery! hehe

    I'm looking forward to going yardsaling with my grandmother in the next few weeks. I wonder what steals I'll find… :-/

  9. I was going to say $5 but then the list just kept on going and going… and knowing the great deals you got last time – being the queen of yard sales and all… I'll guess $7.50

  10. $7.75!!!

    Btw, my son has that same Old Navy shirt in his drawer. Alas, I paid (whispering now) full price. ahem.

  11. $11.50

  12. I'm saying $15!

  13. $5

  14. This feels like the "Price is Right". Can I keep guessing?? JK, I'm sticking with my original $$

  15. I'll say 7.25. You would have loved my sale this year….lots of little girl clothes, all from childrens place(thanks to grandma).

  16. I'm gonna say $9.75. I'd be tickled to get that haul for that price! 🙂

  17. $4.25

  18. My guess is $13.00 even.

  19. Got to love those garage sales! I live at them too.
    Great deals!

    (my guess 5.75)

  20. I'm going to guess that you paid $22.50 for all of it. You got some great stuff there!!

  21. $17.00

  22. i'm guessing 18.00!

    i love yard fact i am getting ready to remodel and renovate my entire kitchen and have been collecting the "junk" i can. my goal for the look is a farmhouse, cottage, vintage kitchen.

    anyway, you go girl. you're getting some really nice things!


  23. $13.75 is my guess.

  24. $6.75

  25. I guess 11.50.

  26. 12.00 even!

  27. I am going to guess $5.50. I was going to guess a lot higher but you got such great deals last week and you are the queen of bargain shopping so that is my final answer. $5.50

  28. I'll say $7. And thanks for stopping by my blog. What an amazing women you are. A mom to 8…Wow! Impressive. 🙂

  29. My guess is $10.25. I need some bargaining lessons from you.

  30. I'm with Diane on $9.75. Since that is taken and I priced way too high last time, I'll go with $8.25!

  31. I am always impressed by your bargain hunting skills, but I am curious how you manage to go to yard sales. Do you leave the kids at home? Do the little ones come with you? I have a 13-month-old and a very active 2-yr-old and I can't see how I could manage them at a garage sale.

  32. You Scored!!!

  33. Forgive my ignorance – "yard sale"???
    The last t-shirt I bought was from some guy in the pub but I don't think thats the same thing.

  34. Ooh!! Lovely! Don't you just love to get a bargain!! My guess is $8.50.

  35. You did great! I'm going to guess $14.75.

  36. The winner was Radical One. She guessed closest to the actual price, which was $18.