Guess I Oughta Share Next Time…

When my babies get old enough to stick junk off the floor in their mouths, I train them to spit things out into my hand when I say, “Spit it out!” It works great, and has saved my toddlers from swallowing all manner of disgusting stuff.

Yesterday I got a chocolate craving and grabbed a handful of chocolate chips to nibble on. My one year old had just eaten her lunch and was playing near me in the living room. Since I didn’t really want to share my chocolate bother with the bib, the high chair, and the washing up afterwards, I opted to stealth-nibble.

I thought I was being very discreet. But pretty soon my toddler walked over to me, nose twitching like a bunny. Looking at me suspiciously, she leaned towards me and inhaled deeply. Sensing trouble, I tried to hold my breath so as not to share the aroma and give myself away.

That’s when she put her hand under my mouth and said, “Spit.”

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  1. She got ya there 🙂

    Another stealth nibbler

  2. Ahahahaha!

    THat reminds me of how my dad used to sneak out behind our house and sit there eating candy, because we had a rule in our house that if you eat in front of someone, you HAVE to share. One day I discovered him, and the first thing I did was hollar for my siblings to come too! Lol, the candy sure didn't last very long…

  3. That is so cute! Kids are so funny! and thanks for letting me know I added the wrong link…. I changed it!!!!

  4. Heh. That's hilarious – I just don't even try to sneak stuff by my kids anymore. It's like they have snack radar.

  5. And to think that sometimes we wonder if our children ever listen to us:)) Really cute, and thanks for visiting my site:)

  6. too funny! I send the kids outside to play then sneak my sugar!

  7. That's adorable! I stealth nibble sometimes too.

  8. My first laugh out loud moment of the day – thank you! Too cute.

  9. Hah! You so got busted!

  10. HA!! I do the same thing and always get caught!

  11. Too funny! Not much gets by kiddos when it comes to yummy foods. Mine used to say, "What ya havin', guys?"

  12. LOL, what a darling!

  13. Doesn't let much get by her, does she?

    My daughter and I have always done the "awwww" thing to make her open her mouth to be sure there isn't anything in her mouth. So now if she wants to see what is in my mouth if I'm chewing gum or eating candy, she looks me in the eyes to get my attention and then to my mouth and says "awwww".

  14. LOL….busted!

  15. Too funny!! She is listening! Next time, hide in the pantry — that's my sneaky snack place!

  16. Precious!! Good idea about training little ones to spit things out. I get so tired of running my fingers through their mouths…

  17. That's too funny. I do the same thing with my kids.

    She figured you out though : )

  18. So did you spit? ;^)

  19. Oh that is so cute! I would have laughed and choked.

    My 3 year old comes running when he hears the wrapper crinkle…

  20. She's good.

    All can be quiet, everyone contentedly doing their own thing…everyone appears at the first crunch of an m&m. How do they know? I guess their "candy-sense" begins to tingle.

  21. That's hilarious! Your kids have such fun personalities!!! We do the "spit it out" training here as well….but I've never been asked to spit anything out myself : ) Though my little ones know when I have something sweet from a mile away!!!!! It's a sure-fire way to get their attention (even when I'm doing my best to be discreet!!)! : )

  22. OMG that is too funny!!! 😀

    LID 10/31/05

  23. Stealth nibble – I love it. I do it too but I usually hide in the larder, except I think they've found me out and have learned to stealth nibble too. My son outraged found his easter egg supplies seriously depleted. Shiny paper was discovered in the shower…it wasn't me that time!

  24. hahahhaha That was too funny, and too true – these kids that imitate our every move, phrase and action.
    And darn it if they don't have memories like elephants – they never ever forget – and they are the WORST backseat drivers ever with their 20/20 vision "Mum, you are doing 120 and the sign only says 100…..".

  25. LOL… too cute!!

  26. Heh, heh. Rock on, fellow chocolate sniffer!!

  27. Ha ha ha ha ha, too funny!

  28. LOL! Cute.

  29. Too precious! My husband was similarly busted many years ago – it was Hershey kisses.

  30. Hilarious! You got a smart one there. Get ready for when she's older. You won't be able to get anything past her! I know because I've got one who can hear the crinkle of opening a chocolate bar from the other side of the house behind closed doors!

  31. That is so cute! I used to try to stealth nibble too but they always could hear the wrapper. Superman ears until I called them for dinner.

  32. Hi, Found you through blogging chicks. What an adorable story! I'm a homeschooling mom too (have been since 1993)but I only have two boys. I do NOT know HOW you can do eight, but I BOW to your magnificence! 😀 Really, I'm SERIOUSLY impressed.

    Maybe I'll stop whining to myself now when my days get hectic.

  33. that is hilarious!!

    Visiting from the blogging chicks

  34. That is great stuff!! at least you know you have trained them well.

    from the blogging chick carnival

  35. That is hilarious! I trained mine to do the same thing, which usually worked until one day when I asked my #2 daughter to spit. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but I know it had legs and it sent me gagging to the bathroom!


  36. that is an absolute riot.
    When I want something from my daughter that she shouldn't have, I put my hand out and say "please"

    Now when she want's something that she doesn't think I should have, she puts BOTH her hands out. (she's not talking yet, but the grunting gets her point across just fine!)

  37. Just stopping by from the Blogging Chicks carnival. Love your post…

    LOL! Sounds like you've got a smart li'l cookie there!

  38. THANKS for the LOL, I didn't see it coming 😀 I wonder if you were stealthing brussel sprouts if she woulda been as interested.

    Visiting from the BC Carnival, durn it's fun to read the gals, huh?

    Of course, you amaze me…homeschooling mom of 8…and still time to write.

  39. That is hilarious!! So did you? Spit that is.

    Found you at the Carnival!