Witty dialogue…

…from our house this morning around 8:30 as I was attempting to wade thru the last of my bloglines before the entire mob of children started chanting ‘breakfast, breakfast…’

“Mommy, it’s Friday!’ said by 8 year old #1 with raised eyebrows and a look that purported great significance.

“Um, yeah…what’s happening today?” I say as, while still speed reading blogs, I frantically try to remember what thrilling thing I may have forgotten.

‘Yard-saling day! Can we go, please, please,please?’

Concurrent with this conversation is one from the other 8 year old who is asking me what we are getting daddy for Father’s Day.

I start to panic about this until my 16 year old reminds me we already have a nice thick how-to-type book and a cool cast iron (wood-stove-top) teapot to give him. (Trust me, he’ll love it. Not quite as much as a $200 Home Depot gift card, but he will love it.)

8 year old #1 is still saying ‘please, please, please, yardsaling’ while 8 year old #2 then (don’t ask me why) moves on to Mother’s Day questions, “Then what are we giving Mom for Mother’s Day?”

“Nothing!” says 8 yr old #1. He’s aggravated that I just asked him to stop nagging me about yard-saling since I am not sure I even want to do that and wish he would stop talking about it before 2 or 3 other children start talking about it as if it is a ‘Happening’ this morning.

8 year old #2 senses my aggravation about the nagging and suggests helpfully, “How about don’t nag your mother?”

8 yr old #1 resents this ‘parenting’ from his brother and shows it by raising his fist and saying, ‘How about punch your brother?”

Um. Yeah. Life at our house this morning. Now I really must do breakfast before blood sugars plummet any further..

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  1. Hah! such a witty come back for a brother to tell.

    funnnnnnnnnny to (prob more funny iffin ur not the mom ;))

  2. That sounds like my house! This morning was filled with questions about having a Coolade stand and getting all the stuff. Said repeatedly over and over again and ending with a slight whine…. My 6 year old, only female in the bunch, is persistant to say the least. She wants to raise money for a family in our church going through cancer treatments but she has to go to school instead, it's not a happy day anymore.

    Have a great day yardsaling!

  3. Well, at least he asked before he punched! That's good, right? 😉

  4. I once ran across a mother in the produce section that looked as frazzled as I felt. We made eye contact and she said, "Same life, different house."

    That's how your post read to me today. LOL!

  5. This sounds like my house when I was growing up. Six kids. Four of them boys. Reading this makes me realize how seriously lucky I am that I can get up SLOWLY and start my day QUIETLY. You have my endless admiration!

  6. My only one is 18 and headed to college this fall. You're still in the foxhole with yours, and I remember just what it's like. I also had 4 sisters growing up and NO Bathroom, just an outdoor toilet and washtub. Just use your imagination here…. 🙂

    So, did you go yardsaling after all? Whadja get? Huh huh, whadja get? LOL 😉

  7. My nephew loves to go garage saling with my sister and I! He's only six… I hope it lasts awhile longer. 🙂

    (adopting from China – LID 10/31/05)