Everyday Tomatoes

Today I’m joining Everyday Mommy in sharing an everyday thing that I am thankful for. My thing is silly, maybe, but I am thankful for chess– specifically that my 8 year olds come and ask me to play chess with them. Chess, you see, is one of the games that I actually enjoy, so I am glad we have something fun and brain-stretching that we can enjoy together!

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  1. I wish I could play…..I may have to ask my 10 year old nephew to teach me next time we visit as my 5 year wants to learn too……good for you for knowing how to play!

  2. Chess is good…for you to play. Those of us with limits to our brain stretchability opt for games of different types of intellectual stimulation – like Uno and Go Fish.

  3. chess ummm.. my hubby would agree with you. I never could get the stategy of it down. I am like Carol and would rather stick to cards or dominoes.

  4. Wow! My Dad taught all six of us to play chess (and bridge) when we were like eight. And my husband taught our two daughters to play chess when THEY were eight. It's a very popular game in this house to this day! Very cool.

  5. Oh, chess makes my brain hurt. But it's a beautiful thing that you can play it with your kids! I love playing board games as a family, but only the dumb kind…