Bargain Hunting

Yard sale season has begun. I love the thrill of the hunt. I thought it’d be fun now and then to share what I’ve found and have you guess what I paid for my booty. This batch of goodies is from a total of 8 yard sales on two different mornings–about 3 hours of time. We hit half these sales AFTER noon –you do not have to rise at dawn to be successful at yard saling!

We found:

A bucket of beads (about 5x as much as is shown)-we made 35 necklaces for party favors
–A pair of almost-new black Nikes (for my 11 yo)
— One zip-front athletic jacket to fit my 16 year old
–A pair of water shoes to fit me
–A small microwave for my daughter’s dorm room this fall
–A pair of almost new Yukon hiker-type shoes (for my 18 yo). Original price tag said $45 and they are brand new looking.
–A complete game of Candyland
–A complete game of Apples To Apples Junior

Soo– give me your best guess. How much did I spend? Click on the picture for a larger view. I’ll tell you tomorrow morning whose guess is closest to right.


  1. You got a steal! I'm gonna say $25.

  2. I say no more than $20! I LOVE yard sales!

  3. I was going to say 8 bucks, but I forgot about the microwave, so Bob, my new bid is $18.

  4. My guess is $17.50

  5. My guess… 11 dollars! 🙂

  6. Ooooooo…I LOVE garage sales 🙂

    I'm going to guess $12.50.

  7. $15 is my guess =)

    We had a garage sale this past weekend and made $600 for our adoption!!! Yeah!!!

  8. Apples to Apples is a great game! I was going to say $18, but since that is taken I'll go with $17.75. We held two garage sales this year to help finance our family going to Mexico on a mission trip this summer. We made about $450 altogether.

  9. I'll go with $16.50. We have the regular version of Apples to Apples, and it's our favorite game!

  10. ack! everyon'es so close! i'm guessing $17. am i right??

  11. My guess is you went after noon, so free. They didn't want to carry it back inside and you were able to take it.

    Possibly $5

    I've invented the honor system yard sale. When we do the yard sale the bulk of sales around here happen before 10 am. Afther that we take our front yard, put everything out there and a put a box that says "MAKE A REASONABLE DONATION" And we leave it alone. Every hour or so I go out to collect the money. But we leave the stuff in the yard and actually leave it out to catch any of the Sunday Morning yard salers (not many but they exist) We have a deal that if it goes in a yard sale, it doesn't go back in the house, period.

  12. My guess was already taken, so I'm going to say 16.75. You got some great bargains, Mary! I love yard sales, too.

  13. on adoption yard sales, we begged everyone for their junk, took over the church parking lot (we are right on highway 301) and set up shop.

    We made $1500 in one day for the adoption fees.

  14. I'll say $25.01. LOL!

    I love yard sales!

  15. I'm gonna guess $35. Yard sales are not the bargoon they used to be in my neck of the woods.

  16. $23 – but I have no idea. I am not a garage sale veteran.

    Glad you scored such great stuff though.

  17. Hmmm — I'd say $19.00?

  18. I'm guessing $27.50. Sounds kinda high, but that's what I came up with when I itemized it in my head. Maybe they took $5 off because you wiped them out at the end of the day.

    So….$22.50…final answer…$22.50.

  19. I'll guess $12-15. 😀

  20. No idea but I wish we had the same system here. I love bargains too.

  21. I'll go for $24.00. Nicely done!

  22. Just FYI–you need to give me an exact number, not a range of numbers if you want your guess to count! (grin)


  23. I am making my offer – $20 flat (for continuity's sake) although Avery has a really good point! After our church yard sale there was a caravan to the Goodwill store!

  24. now is this going by price is right rules? The closest without going over?

  25. Avery,

    No, just the closest, period. If two people are equally close, then they both win.


  26. I was thinking $25 but that was taken first. So I'll go with $25.50.

  27. I'm going to guess $26.50.

  28. I'll say $21…you got some good stuff!

  29. $10.00

  30. I'll say $10.00.

  31. I'm gonna say you got it all for $9. There are mighty great bargains to be had by the afternoon!

  32. I'll guess $16. BTW, what would we win if we're right? LOL 🙂

  33. My original thought was $33.50. That is some good stuff! That may be too high, but I guess I priced for what I'd pay for it!!

  34. Diane, The winner gets her blog highlighted in a post tomorrow morning!! Aren't you excited now? grin


  35. You bought Candyland? On purpose?

    Someone would have to pay ME to take that game off their hands.

  36. Jenni, Um, yeah, totally understand the sentiment there. But thankfully she has 7 sibs. *I* don't necessarily have to be the one playing it with her….


  37. $9.35

    If you'd been at my garage sale I would have hollered after you "If you will just TAKE the TV you can have it!" (Finally, someone took me up on it.) I'm thinking the micro was one of those.

  38. During the first half of reading your post, I was thinking, "Why in the heck did Mary buy POPCORN at a yard sale?"

    My guess is $13.00.

  39. I added it up in my mind while reading your post, and I came up with $16. Looks like we have some close numbers here!

    I LOVE garage sales! 🙂

  40. I'll say $25 because the items came from eight! different yard sales. If it were from just one, I'd say less, because sellers always want to just "throw" stuff in to get rid of as much as possible.

  41. I vote $14.88

    I love BARGAINS. You can find me usually with a thrift store bag in my car. My kids' wardrobes are thirft store find. I knew I was cheap when my daughter gasped when she got a BRAND NEW shirt recently. Even at 5, she's a frugal lil gal. We have a rule: you can buy any book (as long as it's a kids book) but toys need approval.

    🙂 Happy Saving/Shopping

  42. Let's say $20 for the whole thing! 🙂

  43. Loove garage sales!! Even my 4 year old can spot a sale sign a mile away, lol. I am going to guess $18.00. Last year we made $750 at our sale, we sold our dining room set and a hutch that I truly regret till this day:( Oh well at least I have more room now:)