Why YOU need another baby

Heading off to the hospital this morning– my son is having surgery to have his jaw unwired– hooray! Hoping all goes well and that he doesn’t have to stay overnight like last time.

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Got some cute pix of my baby this weekend and thought I’d offer them as a definitive proof to anyone wondering if their household would benefit from the addition of another baby. She’s been home exactly one year this week. We are so blessed to have her. (subliminal text: adopt from Ethiopia, adopt from Ethiopia, adopt from….)


  1. funny thing happened this morning…..all of a sudden I'm feeling a strong urge to adopt from Ethiopia…..! She is adorable-

  2. Love that smiling face 🙂
    I think I'll just be Grammy and babysit, spoil and love those babies!

  3. Can I just smooch her? Can I? Please? Please?

    I will be praying for your son today Mary. Lots of love to you and your family today!

  4. Oh, Mary. I saw the title of the post and instantly I was on the verge of tears.

    Okay, no longer on the verge…I am in tears.

    I wonder if I would be disrespecting my husband, if I sent this to him?

  5. She is lovely! Congratulations of the anniversary of "Metcha Day."

  6. Mary, I tell you, I think its working. I've started to seriously consider adopting from Ethiopia; it's even showing up in my dreams!

    First goal: find a way to boost the family income while staying at home!

  7. She couldn't be any more BEAUTIFUL!!!


  8. I was praying for your son yesterday and wondering how much longer he needed the wires. Guess now I know. Hope it goes well.

    And happy birthday to your little joy.

  9. ack! she's seriously just the cutest thing EVER!!! heck man, we haven't even started having babies! you've inspired me tho, perhaps we'll start by adopting? from….ethiopia? lol.

  10. Oh, Mary — I love the picture of your daughter in the pool … look at that beautiful, happy little girl! What a blessed life she has, and what awesome parents you are! I stand and clap my hands and tip my hat to you!

  11. Not much more joyful than a happy child!

    (except maybe a happy momma and daddy!)

  12. She is adorable but I'm sure you already know that, don't you?

    I wish my husband would consider adopting, truly I do! Although, there is a chance at this point that we're too old. Waaaaaaaa.

  13. She's just so beautiful!

    I am thinking of adopting our next child from Ethiopia. Your blog is really inspiring.

  14. Yes! Another baby would be nice. Ya know, like I keep telling my hubby, "why go back twice more once we've discovered how wonderful it is? I think we'll just grab 2 or 3 while we're there!" See? I'm thrifty, huh?

  15. A good friend of my family is currently living in Nigeria (teaching at a school). She visited a Mother Teresa orphanage there and sent pics of some of the kids – broke my heart. One little girl was so adorable I wanted to scoop her up and kiss her to pieces….I was ready to adopt that instant – and we are still considering that idea.

  16. She's a cutie pie!! My future daughter-in-law (Wedding date Sept. 2) spent 6 mos in Ethiopia as a missionary. She would love to adopt from there!! And I would love to have a little grandbaby from there.

  17. She is a beauty. Happy birthday to her.

  18. She is absolutely gorgeous, Mary.

    Praying for your son, too. Sending hugs to all those cuties!

    How did the surgery go?

  19. She has the prettiest smile!! I sooo need more babies!

  20. Okay, you've convinced me ;)!

    She is so, so precious. How can any baby be that cute?

    I hope the surgery went smoothly and everyone is home relaxing!

  21. That one of her in the pool is soooo cute!!

  22. she is BEAUTIFUL. i am so happy for your son. YEA!!

  23. Cute, cute smiles!

    My daughter has been talking about adopting someday–funny thing is that she has been visiting your blog! Imagine that!

    –She is only 18 so I think this will definitely be something in the future!

  24. Okay, that pool picture? Precious! Makes me want to take Addison's three strands of newborn hair and put them in pigtails!!

  25. Not that you need anybody else to tell you this, but she is ADORABLE!!! She reminds me so much of our little Keziah!!! Though…she probably isn't as defiant as our little Keziah! : ) We're working on that though, with the Lord's help! : )

  26. Oh, subliminal messaging works!

    Please, Lord, send money.

  27. I needed this post. 🙂 DH and I are just starting to discuss adding a 4th child to our family through adoption. While we have a ways to go in our decision process, seeing your beautiful daughter is another nudge along this path.

  28. She's beautiful!