Blogging Questions

Carol over at She Lives posted some questions about blogging I thought I’d like to answer.


How do find the blogs you read regularly?

I’ve found some of my blogs by clicking on recommendations from others, or by clicking on the blogrolls of people I have a lot in common with. I also will occasionally randomly click on commenters in blogs that I enjoy, and go check them out. I almost always also visit the blogs of people who comment on mine. So comment, peeps! I’d love to come visit you!

— When you leave a comment, do you frequently return to that post to check for the author’s response?

Sometimes, if the topic is extremely interesting to me. but mostly I don’t remember to check… so if you have something that you want me to read for-sure, come comment on my blog, K?


— What types of situations might cause you to stop reading a blog that you once enjoyed?

Sometimes if a person gets SUPER infrequent with their posting, or if EVERY single post is whining or cussing a blue streak. I can handle both in moderation, but not overdone…

— How much personal privacy do you try to maintain when posting on your own blog? Everything that might identify you to a friend or neighbor? Only demographic data? Only children’s information? Something else?

No full names, no exact birthdates, no location…but I don’t mind if friends or neighbors happen across my blog.

— What are your thoughts about encouraging offline friends to read your blog?

The more the merrier. I write assuming anyone in my life could happen across this.

— What criteria do you look for in the blogs you enjoy reading? Or perhaps I should ask, what factors do your favorite blogs all have in common?

There is no one factor that 100% of my blogs share, though most are parents. But I especially love humor, exotic locations, humor, thoughtful outlooks, humor, and interesting points of view.

— Are there any blogs you read on a regular basis in which the author frequently expresses beliefs or opinions that completely contradict your own?

Yup. More than a handful.

— If you disagree with a blogger do you usually voice your perspective so they can see things from a different angle, or just ignore theirs and click away?

I am very interested in points of view that differ from my own. I like to figure things out, figure people out, and blogging often is very illuminating. Usually if it is major issue that I don’t agree about and I sense that the person is very entrenched in their view, I just let it be. If they seem to be seeking or if it is just some minor like or dislike I will make a comment using humor or sharing my differing experience with the issue…

— Do you read and/or post on Saturdays and Sundays? Or are you predominantly at M-F blogger?

I read/post 7 days a week. (Ah, the sacrilege..)

So, in summary, comment, comment, comment! I love to hear from you!


  1. thanks for commenting on my son's birthday. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! How did you find me? So excited to have a new reader!

  2. Very good answers. I gree with pretty much everything you said. I love people who aren't exactly like me. I have a very diverse daily read as well. I'm glad you happened upon me, so that I can now be a reader of yours =o)

  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Mary. I have a lot of respect for your viewpoints on…most everything, so I was excited to see you'd offered your thoughts here.

    Blog on!

  4. Good answers. I am glad I found your blog. I have a transracial family as well.

  5. I agree with all of your answers too. I love that blogging has opened up so many friendships that I never would have had. Good times…..

  6. I'm glad to be here via, and thanks for all those honest answers re: blogging.

    As a newbie to this blogging world, there is no handbook that I could find to help me in the "to do" or "the faux pas" things to do on blogging.

    So thanks! And I'm also a blogging addict, 7 days a wk. My husband said he should have gotten me a TV instead of this laptop.

    So many blogs to read, and write…so little time!!

  7. Very useful to read your response on these questions. As a new blogger I still haven't worked out whether to mention my kids' names, though I see that lots of people do. I'm enjoying your blog, just about to put you on my favourites list if that's OK.

  8. I read your entry over at It was a lovely read!