A terrible blogging accident

This afternoon the one year old would not nap, and feeling in need of some ‘puter time, I set her and my preschooler up at a little table in the corner of the living room with colored pencils, crayons and paper. They played happily at the table for quite a few minutes. Until the one year old came over to me holding this:

And when my eyes finally made sense of what I was seeing (please pay special note to the top center portion of the photo– just TRY plugging that puppy in again), I shouted out at the horror of it. My shouting brought preschooler running over to see why her mom was suddenly sounding deranged, and she just happened to be carrying these:



  1. How sad! That looks just like my cell phone charger and sounds just like something my preschooler would do. Hope you can replace it without having to pay an arm and a leg.

  2. That is so sad….but kinda a bit funny. Sorry. At least it wasn't her hair. You should see what mine did to her hair at 2.

  3. Hi there. I was just blog hopping… can't quite remember where I came from… and, well, here I am. Nice to meet you.

    Uh, sorry about that incident, but praise God no one was hurt. Whoa!

  4. Read your entry and sniggered. Then noticed the internal fuse box on my external H/D has burned out and as it's an all in one, needs to be replaced. Karmic balance or a free floating cloud of bad luck?

  5. i have to admit the story sounds funny…

  6. I had a friend whose toddler cut through the phone cord while she was talking on the phone. He didn't like being ignored.

    Nobody lost an eye. So it was still fun.

  7. Oh yes – that happend at our house too – except it was my husband's cell phone charger. I was just glad it wasnt' plugged in at the time of the cutting!!!

  8. Oh no! that looks slightly more dangerous the the marker on the wall, et al blogging accident at our house.

  9. Uh-oh. Did we have to take a time out?

  10. My honest first thought about it?

    At least it wasn't her hair.

    My girls and I have gone round and round on that one. UGH.

    🙂 Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel not so bad for those moments the of childhood scissor mishaps.

  11. Thanks for making the big sacrifices for the rest of us. 🙂 I've been breaking things since I got to my mom's house for vacation. I don't think that aspect of parenthood ever changes.

  12. hey, looks like the cell phone charger that goes to our identical phones 🙂 i have an extra that fits my phone–you are welcome to it. Just fyi, I leave for MN tomorrow, and will be gone for a week… keep us in your prayers if you think of us, too–for safety and open hearts for the kiddos 🙂 let me know if you wnat that charger, too!

  13. oops… I went to look for that extra charger and can't seem to find it… sorry if I got your hopes up! I'll be able to look more after I get back next friday…

  14. I found it! I'll send it over with the CD of computer games that J asked me to download…ask AM at the party tomorrow 🙂

  15. Praise God it was not plugged in!
    One of my sons some how got hold of a pair of sissors and cut a wonderful hole in his hand knitted, twisted cabled jumper that I'd only just finished.
    He was 2 at the time, he's now 20, and has more of an idea what to do with sissors. 🙂

  16. Sorry about your cord, but at least no one got hurt!

    One morning I set up my son at his art table with kiddie scissors and his other art supplies and let him create/destroy. The table is right next to my desk, so I made sure he didn't cut anything important…until he crept up to put his arms around me as I typed…and he cut a small hole in the back of my nightgown! He was mortified, I still wear the nightgown (!), and he still talks about it almost a year later. ;^)

  17. Rats. Tell 'em both you're taking it out of their baby allowances.

  18. aaaaaaaaagh!

  19. Hee hee. My oldest cut off EVERY. SINGLE. BIT. of her hair when she was 2 1/2, and here I had been so proud of her for playing so nicely in her room. I mean, every single piece, right down to her scalp. The lesson is, I guess, don't keep scissors in the house.

  20. Oh NO! Kids!

  21. If they aren't making noise, you know they can be up to no good.

  22. Hey…

    I've been a lurking blog-reader for quite a while now, ut I could not resist mentioning…

    If you are in need of a cell phone charger, I have one that looks just like that which I am no longer using. Through some complications, my cell phone no longer works and hte charger's just sitting there collecting dust. If you're willing I would love to send it to yoU! Let me know….my email is thelordismystrength@gmail.com

  23. All I can say is … at least you kept your presence of mind and took pictures, because the story just wouldn't have been the same without them!