Owlhaven House Tour, Part One

After seeing our garden yesterday, Shannon asked for a house tour. Since I also love seeing other people’s houses, I thought it might be fun to devote a few posts to my house. I want to give you the day-to-day normal view, not the cleaned-up-for-company-spotless view.

People were asking about the garden and wondering how we do everything. Our secret is, we don’t do everything. Usually our furniture is dusty, our flowerbeds are weedy, the beds are unmade, and my bathroom counter is cluttered.

And the little kids’ rooms…. oh, my… I may force them to clean before I snap pictures so as not to utterly humiliate myself! But we get the important stuff done most days, and that’s what counts.

So here’s my first stop on the tour– the view of our house from the road. I love my house! If you feel envious of our little corner of Paradise, please note the knee-high, snake-sheltering weeds in the bottom right corner. Gotta whack those down one of these days. My 18 year old planted most of the perennials in front of the house. We have poppies, coreopsis, daisies, iris and daylilies.

If you’d like to give a house tour on your site, leave a link in comments so I can come visit your place too. Tomorrow I’ll give you a peek at my living room!


  1. It looks warm and inviting and beautiful, just like I knew it would!

  2. I agree with Shannon. It suits you.

  3. i love the outside of that house!! Wow. My hubby and i are in our first house. Very sufficient for where we are now, but nothing to brag about (you knwo what i mean). We are young, and just starting off but you have a most beautiful home.

  4. Oh, your house is so cute! And I loved your garden too. Living in a cute house is important to me–I LOVE the one we live in now, and I know that I can't ever buy a "cookie-cutter" home.

  5. I love it.

  6. I love your house Mary!!!!

  7. I love the garden!

  8. What a very fun idea! Eager to see more!

  9. Looks gorgeous! Thanks for letting us into your world.

  10. I finally put up a picture.

  11. Looks great. You must spend a lot of time on your vegetables, looking at your last post, so I wouldn't worry about weedy flowerbeds – as you say it's getting the important stuff done that counts – and you're more than doing that!

  12. What an beautiful house. I love all of your flowers. Tell your son he did a wonderful job!

  13. Such curb appeal!

    The picture angle feels a little like vertigo, but the house is fabulous.