Outfit Of The Day

Today my almost 4 year old came out with these 4 items in her hands:

–a red polka dot purse
–a black doctor kit
–a white fur muff
–a mesh-sided bug-catching box

She arranged them along her arms with obvious satisfaction and declared, “I’m the person with the purses!”


  1. That is so cute. She's darling! I just love her bright smile, it just lights up the computer!

  2. Your little one is prepared for almost every eventuality! She can be a fashion statement – a medical expert – warm in the winter – and a bug exterminator or collector, depending on her interest. Well done!

  3. I know it's bizarre, because I just know her through internet pictures, but she's getting so BIG and grown up! Fortunately, she's also getting more and more adorable.

  4. Mary, she's just too funny! I just got the invite to her birthday party, and regret to inform you that I will not be able to come. That's the day my kiddos and i leave for camp… seems like with all your birthdays, I would be able to come sometimes!

  5. Nice! LOL!

  6. Hey M,
    Can you email me your code for the box you made and your image for the chick blog roll??? I can't make it work!

  7. Someday when she's a doctor, an entomologist or a fashion designer, you can bring out this photo and show her that she was destined to be… ;^)

  8. And she IS the person with the purses isn't she? Four-year-olds say the best things. I'd like to have the worldview of a four-year-old again.

  9. She's got quite the glowing personality!!!!!! She's precious!