Works For Me Wednesday

(Update: picture added)
Playing Rocks In My Dryer: Works For Me Wednesday along with Shannon today. My tip for the day has to do with organizing photos.

Of course my ideal scenario would be to get all those lovely photos quickly and artistically placed into archoval quality albums. (yeah, right– I have an album for EACH of my kids, but I am like 2 years behind on everyone except the two youngest.)

Anyway, I happened upon an easy way to organize those photos so I can easily find what I need when (and if) I do get around to getting them into albums. When I pick up my developed photos, I write the month the pictures were taken right on the outside of the envelope.

I keep all the envelopes arranged in chronological order in plastic storage bins, about the size of two shoeboxes stuck together. This size of box usually fits about a year’s worth of photos, and writing on the outside of each photo packet makes it a snap to locate, say, Sept 2004 photos.

Oh, and now that I recently switched to digital, I still basically do it this way, but now with picture files named by month and year. At the moment my hard drive is big and empty, so they are all there. but it is on my to-do list to move the pictures onto CD’s, with a year (half a year? two months) on a CD at a time, depending on how many photos will actually fit on CD’s.

Works for me!


  1. Great idea!! I have all of my photos that need to be organized in a huge shoe box right now. Most organized by date, but some not.

  2. Photo organizing is one of the things I procastinate about the most! This system sounds great!

  3. I also keep my digital photos organized on my computer. But here's a tip I learned the hard way – only store on your hard drive what you are willing to lose. We lost a few month's worth of pictures last year when our computer crashed. Now I try to regularly back up on CD. They are so cheap these days that I really should be doing it every month.