Tracey at Picture This was talking yesterday about the ‘blurries’ that sometimes happen when trying to get a nice photo with the flash turned off. She asked readers to share a photo they think ‘worked’ even with some blur. I immediately thought of this photo I took a few months ago and liked in spite of the blur factor. I like the feeling of joy and of motion. What do you think?


  1. your girls are so cute and she looks so happy in this picture. I'd call it a keeper!

  2. I love it. Definitely gives the feeling of joy in motion. Your children are so beautiful.

  3. i like it

  4. I love this photo! Everything around her is moving or blurry, but the smile on her face is still, right there 'in the moment'. That's a GREAT picture!

  5. two thumbs up, I like the life in it.

  6. Almost looks like this was on purpose. I love the fact you caputred the clarity of her face as well as the action of the shot.

  7. it's a vivid reminder that life does not stand still. Our children are always moving and growing.

    Beautiful picture.

  8. That's cool. I get a lot of great "accidental" shots that way too!

  9. I love this picture. It is funny what some people would see as a goof I see as perfect art. Hey thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. You mean you didn't do that on purpose??

    I think it is an exceptional picture!

  11. Yes, I definitely agree. That picture is a keeper.

    Uh, hi. I got here via a comment you left at HolyMama!

    Nice to meet you.

  12. I like it, I see a very happy child in life's motion.

  13. Fabulous – I think you should enter it at the fair.

  14. That is a great one. I love that she has such a real expression on her face.

  15. I really like it! Yes, the smile is fabulous, and I like the feeling of motion all around her.

  16. What a beautiful picture – full of life!

  17. Love it!

  18. It really does capture her childlike movement and spirit! Gorgeous child!

  19. ohh you said it pure joy of the moment thing..

    LOVE it.