Bring it on….

…we’re ready for summer. We have a new pool! Our 3 year old pool had too many holes in it to resurrect, so we’ve been keeping an eye out for a good deal on one. Yesterday we found a 10 ft diameter by 30 inch high pool with a filter on sale for $40. These are usually $50-$60. I was thrilled. (I love a good deal!)

The little kids could hardly stand waiting til it was full to jump in. I love this picture at the left, of my 8 year old talking to the baby.

Once I let them at it, even though the water was icy they had a blast. Now all I need to do is stock up on popsicles.

Today I was thinking of fun things to do this summer and decided to try to have a different friend over for a pool day once each week all summer. Our first party to kick off the pool season will be with my sister and her 3 kids this Thursday. I’ve already got friends lined up for next Thursday too. Should be fun.

Bring on the heat!


  1. Oh yeah! The Owlhaven is now ready for summer. We used to do these fun blos-ups and they were so much fun. Now we have a cement pond. Somehow, it's just not the same.

    Y'all stay cool!

  2. I love summer and my kiddos love the water, like yours they don't care how cold it is. We have a very small blow-up pool. Our bath tub is bigger!

  3. yea! for pools!!

  4. fun fun fun!

  5. From what I can see, you have beautiful children! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. We love our pool too! You guys are gonna have a blast!!

  7. Enjoy! We have a pool and a weekly pool day too–my kids love it!

  8. oh! That is a good deal! Where did you find it?

  9. great deal, where???

  10. We have a pool like that in the garage–we used it for a few summers–and it was GREAT! We even had a hole in the top one summer, and it patched perfectly! Now that we have a neighborhood pool, I can't convince my husband to put it back up! ENJOY.

  11. Found it at Shopko on a Memorial Day sale.

  12. It's been so hot here the last several days that I really want to get a pool! Sounds like you're set for a summer of fun!

  13. I love that photo as well. It's a perfect moment.


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