Four Weeks…

…since my son broke his jaw, and not only has he NOT lost weight like his doc warned he would, he’s GAINED a couple pounds!! I swear he’s grown an inch too. Never have I been so glad to prove a doctor wrong.

Tomorrow morning he trades the wires for rubber bands, which should give him at least a little jaw movement and let him eat some soft food.



  1. That is awesome. I bet your son is more than ready to get those wires off. Will he have to eat with the rubber bands on, I wonder?

  2. It's because you are SUPER MOM, I tell ya.

  3. That's awesome that he grew and didn't loose weight. I'm so glad that he's getting those wires off. That's really got to be difficult…

  4. It must be due to all that TLC you put into those shakes. Who says love isn't fattening?

    Excited for his progress!

  5. YAY!!!

  6. ALL RIGHT!!!!! Wooohooo!

  7. That is because he has a sweet momma who fed him so very well. You should be so proud. How exciting to finally be loose of those wires. Way-to-go!

  8. Hooray (for the weight gain–I knew you could do it Mary)!!!

    Wonderful news (about the wires coming off)! 🙂

  9. amazing what we become thankful for when we've had to handle something else – rubber bands being an improvement….maybe it'll be like rubber bands they wear when they have braces? one way or another he's not going to be asking for liquid food in any form for awhile after this…glad to hear of the improvement. when they hurt – we hurt.

  10. Oh! Go Mom!!

    Can't wait to hear how his appointment goes!

    Boy, the weeks flew by….maybe not for you guys, but it seems like he just had the accident!

  11. For the love of having a Doc be somewhat off!

    Praise Him for a quick recovery!