Sweet Kitty

What an adorable little sweetie, huh?

Or not.

I think we’ve got a huntin’ cat.


  1. oh so a hunting kitty….pretty darn cute…at least you won't have a mouse problem this summer!

    that's the crux though…they are soooooo cute as babies and then they grow up sometimes to be great adults and sometimes not so much (we currently have 2 not-so-much)

  2. Cute kitty!

    Jeana, regretting once again eating at the computer

  3. A kitty.

    I'm not a cat fan.


    between you and Kate…

    I'm becoming one.

  4. EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  5. Our big 20# Maine Coon drug a mouse inside the other day. He never misses a meal, so it was purely for the sport of it. Such a rascal!

  6. Tonight you'll see the little 'treasure' my own a-DORA-ble cat brought in. To the Lvroom no less.

  7. Ew!!!

  8. well that's helpful! way to go little kitty!

  9. Way to put that cute little thing to work!

    Adorable photos!



  10. My big boy is a grateful stray — who knows how to work. GOOD BOY. We had a brief mouse problem last year. VERY BRIEF.

  11. sweet kittie – good mouser!

    Our mama cat, a ferocious hunter, likes to leave "offerings" on our proch – the highlight was rabbit feet and a squirrel's tail.

  12. Aw, that second pic is still adorable in its own way.

    Besides, is there anything besides a hunting kitty?

  13. Goooood kitty….and he's still a kitten, right? He's adorable, reminds me of one I bottle raised, Punkin. 🙂