“You’re looking pale and fat.”

Elizabeth commented on one of my posts and left me a link to her blog Planet Nomad. If you haven’t already visited her, you must! Really! Hilarious writing and fascinating insights– she lives in Africa! Now y’all know why I am so charmed. But you don’t have to be fascinated with Africa to enjoy her writing. This post especially had my 18 year old daughter and me chortling.


  1. OH! I love that, and I told her so! I'm lily-white and softly padded. I would fit in there!
    Thanks for linking to that page, Mary.

  2. thanks for linking to that. I love getting such different perspectives. I think I'd practically be royalty there.

  3. So glad I linked to that. Before I did I thought you meant her comment to you was "You're looking pale and fat." Now I get it!

  4. I wish you wouldn't describe me in your post title like that… (maniacal – if slightly hysterical – laughter)

    I wanted to let ya know I just sorta tagged you…

  5. Thanks so much for your kind comments and for linking to me! What a lovely treat to come home to after a long day of thesis juries.
    BTW, edj are my initials…my name is Elizabeth.